Fashion Tips for the Petite Bride

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When you are shorter than average, finding clothes in an ideal fit for your body structure can pose a real challenge. Just when you find something that is the perfect fit lengthwise, you discover that the sleeves are much too long or the waist is too low. These common setbacks unfortunately often extend to the shorter bride on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress. You may have an image in your head of a beautiful lace and silk gown worn by a bride who is over 1.8m tall, but this isn’t the reality for most brides, regardless of what the pictures in all the bridal magazines might lead you to believe. Choosing a dress that is suited to your petite frame and elongates your torso as must as possible is important, especially if the groom is significantly taller than you.

Detail can often be key when trying to give the impression of a more elongated torso. Lace and bead designs in vertical patterns work wonders in this respect. Jewels are also a great choice, just be sure not to overdo it and make sure none are placed below your hips. Another great way to elongate your figure is to choose a dress that shrinks under the waist and chest. Avoid round necks, when trying to give the illusion of more height, V necks are the best choice.


Another cut ideal for petite brides is one in which the lines follow the body i.e. a tight fitting dress. The material from which the dress is tailored will make all the difference if you are opting for a tight fitting style. A tall or average height bride can often opt for almost any material. For a petite bride with an almost androgynous silhouette, the best option is a textured material, such as lace. Layers and other flounces should really be avoided. Volume is not your friend – the tighter the dress the taller you will look. If you desperately need some volume in your dress, choose an A-line cut.

A trumpet style dress is another favorite for shorter brides. This style of dress follows the line of the body down to the knee, where it then open up just like the musical instrument from which it got its name. Petite girls should really avoid long tails or veils. Ditch the veil for an elegant headdress to add even more height. Avoid big accessories; they will over do your look. Don’t forget that hair can also be a great source of height. High buns and ponytails can give you some extra centimeters while looking elegant.


By choosing a dress that gives you the illusion of a few centimeters extra height, it might save you a little discomfort when it comes to shoes. Sure, shoes can also be a great source of some extra height but after several hours of wear this can be uncomfortable and painful, and definitely put a dampener on your party. Put as much thought into your style of dress as possible so you don’t need to earn as many inches from your shoes!

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