Farmer Wedding Cake Topper

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“Home” has a special significance, therefore, many couples choose to marry in their backyard. A wedding celebration in the courtyard can be personalized, special and can save you some money. These weddings tend to be a more casual affair, although they can have any desired theme of the couple. A wedding in the garden offers a touch of lightness to the event. If you like grasslands, livestock, agriculture and the fresh air then you can choose for your wedding cake a farmer topper.

Consider a theme for the wedding. You have the theme of a tea party, barbecue or summer garden. Make it simple or complex as you want. For example, couples who opt for “tea party” can give tea cups as souvenirs. A simple theme can incorporate your favorite color or flower of the bride or groom. If your wedding will be in nature, choose an appropriate setting. Mother Nature has already provided a beautiful background for an outdoor wedding, but you can add other things. Consider adorning trees with lights, lanterns hanging around the yard and placing a kiosk or springs wedding to define the space. Makes already planted flowers and accentuates the rest of the flowers and other plants. Choose white chairs for guests, the contrast of green grass form a beautiful decor. Also an original wedding cake topper can be the farmer wedding cake topper.

Being a farmer means to grow plants and animals for food in farm and sell their products to market agricultural goods. Sometimes it’s only production plant, sometimes so as plant production and animal husbandry and in some cases, specialization in certain areas of production (which usually depend on terrain and weather conditions in the area). Those who can not own his own farm and work the same farm are called managers.

Their obligations include: to sow, to plant and protect wheat and other crops and harvest them – to raise animals (cows, pigs, sheep, goats, horses) – to increase poultry meat and eggs – to milk cows – to care for the health of farm animals, discovering symptoms of various diseases and take appropriate veterinary care for animals – to maintain, repair and work with farm machinery – to negotiate with suppliers of raw materials and agricultural machinery as well with potential buyers of agricultural products. So if you have a passion for all this things about farmers you can include them in a farmer wedding cake topper on your wedding day.

To keep a sense of casual, couples clothes should be simple. The bride would wear a short dress or a thin-cotton or fabric. Such a simple style wedding suit with feminine details such as flowers or lace. For the groom, and long pants are recommended short-sleeved shirt or a suit of linen or cotton. Do not forget the shoes. The bride will probably have to walk through the grass all day, so heels are not a good idea. Try some flats or sandals with soles that matches the wedding dress. An outdoor wedding lets the couple in the good or bad weather. However, with a backup plan, the bride and groom can have their dream wedding. Consider renting a tent to provide shelter in case of rain or too much sun. Cover the table with food and the wedding cake, if possible, to keep away from sun, insects and rain. Put in place a plan for housing reserve for guests in case of bad weather. Clean your garage or barn for use as a shelter in case of bad weather.11

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