Fancy Bridal Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | May 13 2020 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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In this article we are going to present you a few stunning tea length wedding dresses that we are convinced interested brides will find simply amazing and adequate for their wedding. We personally find these creations absolutely perfect for vintage themed weddings and funky brides who wish to wear something more casual and chic on the big day.


The number of women who want to plan a more practical, cozy, simple and yet very refined and coquette wedding is constantly increasing. We are also glad to see that more and more brides of today are willing to try something more different and sexy, such as a shorter wedding dress. There is no doubt that these Fancy Bridal wedding dresses presented in these pictures are amazingly hot and trendy, without sacrificing the elegant and the classy style.

This is exactly what we love the most about these lovely creations, and this is the fact that the designs and the lines are totally simplistic and clean, while the designs and the fabrics are enchanting, inspiring and 100% original! There is no way one could fail dressed up in one of these superb gowns. Not all women want to obtain that fairy-tale princess-like look for the wedding day, and not all brides are interested in wearing something very heavy, elaborated and pompous on the day.

The majority of modern brides today are looking for a beautiful wedding dress that can offer her both the necessary comfort and glam factor that can help her obtain a successful look without making any effort! The tea length style is adequate for brides who want to show off their wonderful legs and their pretty bridal shoes.

In general, these types of Fancy Bridal wedding dresses are chosen by brides who are planning a fabulous old glamour fashion wedding where the vintage look is the one that sets the trend! We can also regard these dresses as alternatives to formal grandiose wedding gowns worn usually on ball gown themed weddings.

However, we must recognize that these sweetish creations are very sophisticated, stylish and enchanting despite the fact that they are short and simplistic. If you decide to choose one of these refined gowns for your wedding you can be assured that your look is going to be both natural and glamorous. We must admit that this designer’s dress masterpieces are able to offer the bride a bit of that innocent pure look that brides used to have in the old days. And besides this, there is a special elevated elegance and boldness about the cuts and the silhouettes that provides the bride with a very sleek, decent and dramatic look.

These Fancy Bridal wedding dresses embody lots of qualities or virtues that women look for in general in a wedding gown and these are: exquisiteness, creativity, flair, ingeniousness, innocence, refinement, originality, elegance, comfort, contrast, practicality, simplicity, exuberance, femininity and attractiveness. Browse for more of this bridal couturier’s work on the internet were you can find the official website.11

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  1. Veronique

    January 13, 2011 at 8:52 am

    Thank you for the official site link. I was eager to find out how can I buy one of these dresses. Although there are other nice ones there, I have to say my favourite remains the third one. It’s so vintage and it so reminds on the elegance of the 70s, i think. Well, the elegance of those very nice times… I believe this wedding dress is so fresh among these “modern” and “princess” type dresses brides nowadays want to wear on their wedding day. They are elegant, glamorous, decent yet sexy, with beautiful feminine lines. Maybe this is the exact epithet for them: feminine. From line to fabric they perspire femininity and elegance.

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