Fall Wedding Cakes

11-11-Ideas for Weddings Food & Drinks | July 01 2015 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

Fall, the season that brings nostalgia into our souls, the season that has the scent of romance and love carried by the wind that blows the yellow rusty leaves; fall, the time of year with its alleys in the park covered by thick carpets of leaves rummaged by the paces of the lovers passing by. This note of romance is the one that determines many couples to choose fall as the season of their wedding ceremony. And because it offers plenty of options regarding the location is another feature that helps in the selection. Places like gardens, on the valleys, close to woods, at a farm when the harvest days are over, even in the backyard all offer good location to display a wedding celebration.

It is an atmosphere filled with various colors that autumn reveals to the wedding couples giving them the inspiration they need to turn their wedding party into a feast that celebrates color, picturesque and love. Even if the weather starts to be moody, there are however ways to add a plus of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere of your wedding. There is anything that could happen to prevent you from going on with the party. Just look around and the natural beauty that you find will get you stimulated to move on and make your wedding ceremony an unforgettable memory of your life.

fall-wedding-cakesDecorating your wedding is also an aspect that offers a lot of choices, starting with elements from nature to artificial decorations that match the autumnal tone of your theme. Considering the legerity of organizing such a wedding theme we instantly see the benefits it might bring in that of money saving. An outdoor wedding is not so demanding if we think that a lot of elements can be at handy, in this way the money saved can be used to acquire other important things that can bring a plus of distinctness to your wedding, such as the fall wedding cake. You can choose to have 2 to 3 or more tiered cake that have fall themed decorations, with elements directly inspired from the autumn’s gifts, such as maple leaves that come in so beautiful nuances of orange, yellow, rusty brown, acorns, roses.

In this matter, the creativity of the bakers is limitless. The numerous websites reveal a richness of models that one can have hard times in deciding which would be the one to be selected for the “grand finale” of a wedding reception. Couples are very anxious to show off with the moment that is called “grand finale” since it is the moment that they take the first step into a life of sharing and commitment, aspect that is so well symbolized by cutting the cake and feeding each other with a bite from the slice.

A wedding cake’s richness is defined not only by its design, but also intrinsically through the symbol that it carries, and that is why most of the wedding couples grand an importance that otherwise, in another context wouldn’t have mattered.11