Fall Chocolate Wedding Cakes

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Choosing the best flavor for your wedding cake is certainly a very challenging thing to handle, especially when you’re a pretentious couple. Although this selection is always personal and based on your own taste, the taste of the guests is very important to consider as well. After all, this sweet confection is for your family and friends’ treat! You can’t just choose a cheesecake just because you love this taste, knowing that your guests expect to eat something sweet and elegant.

You can use a fruit flavor if your wedding occurs in summer or chocolate if you’re having a cold season reception. We think that chocolate cakes are great selections for fall weddings. We can’t think of a more decadent choice for an autumnal celebration. This flavor is lush, dainty and very tasty. Everybody loves chocolate, with a few exceptions. This is why is essential to choose a flavor that is very popular or easy to eat and enjoy. Chocolate is the ideal dessert selection for many romantic anniversaries and parties. It seems like the perfect choice for celebrating a couple’s wedding.

Chocolate Fall Wedding Cakes

Chocolate Fall Wedding Cakes (Photo by: wetwebwork)

There are many types of chocolate to select from, starting from dark and fudgy treats and ending up with white chocolate. You can select something popular to make sure it will suit your guests, or something spicier to dazzle them. Take a chance on something inedited if you want spectacular results! Many newlyweds adore chocolate and wish to incorporate it in their wedding cake and desserts. This is a rich treat and this is why you need to be cautious when using it in your cake. There are cases when people are actually allergic to chocolate. The same thing is true for nut and fruit fillings – which are often utilized for chocolate cakes. So make sure that you cake won’t hurt anyone, but please them all! You can choose a tier of vanilla for those who are not really into chocolate.

A classic vanilla and chocolate cake can surely make a delicious treat. Or, you can use another flavor for the other desserts for those who don’t like chocolate. We have a list of choices for those who want to follow this route. There are plain chocolate cakes to choose from based on various flavors: milk, dark and white chocolate. You can choose a design that incorporates them all, for a diversified treat. A single cake can have tiers of different gradations of chocolate, have you ever thought of this? Fruited chocolate cakes are more refreshing and exotic. Liqueur chocolate cakes can feature a hint of rich rum, espresso or brandy. This is a more sophisticated selection for an elegant wedding. Chocolate & nuts, walnuts, macadamia and pecans work very well.


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