Fairy-tale garden wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | March 02 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Brides who are planning a gorgeous and charming wedding in the middle of the nature might want to take a look at these images with fairy-tale garden wedding dresses presented in the images below. We are convinced that you will immediately fall in love with these creations as we did. Women are the only ones who believe in love at first sight, at least when it comes to dresses or outfits in general.

With these ravishing masterpieces things are not different at all. Any vanguardist bride can fall for these breath-taking creations and there is no doubt that even the most exigent or hard to impress bride can feel the passion and the ultra elegance that lies within these magical outfits.

The dresses in the photos are signed by Blumarine for the 2010 bridal collection and we are happy to show you a few examples or samples in order to help you get a taste of what these masterpieces really mean. Now that so many brides decide to spend the wedding day in nature these gowns can come as the most suitable, inspired and remarkable outfits that can really suit the venue. We’ve chosen these fairy-tale garden wedding dresses for all the brides who dream of having a magical garden themed wedding. The fabrics used in these unique gowns are incredibly soft, light weight and smooth, just to be able to make the bride feel both comfy and sensual on the day.

The most popular types of fabrics used in these stunning fairy-tale garden wedding dresses made by Blumarine are tulle, silk or scalloped lace. There is something incredibly feminine, refined and flirty about these dresses that make them such ravishing apparitions. Brides who always envisioned themselves wearing a breath-taking fairy-tale gown wedding dress will surely fall madly in love with these phenomenal creations.

The artistic lines, the slimmering vertical drapes and pleats, the big bows, the multiple tiers, the old vintage feel and the translucent beige or ivory fabrics are definitely able to provide the bride with a magnificent apparition. Not only for garden weddings but for any other type of fancy, elegant, select and sleek classy wedding booked for a cathedral, medieval castle or for a more expensive restaurant these feminine fairy-tale garden wedding dresses can work out stunningly.

Nevertheless, modern brides who are planning a modern chic stylish and yet intimate, casual and discreet wedding can also opt for one of these gowns. There is something very comfortable, soft and ethereal about these dresses that make them such adequate outfits for informal weddings. The nonchalance of the material and of the overall designs is able to take the dress to the next level of fashion, simple elegance, naturalness, coziness, practicality and coquetry.11

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  1. sylvia

    March 14, 2011 at 7:58 am

    I like the ethereal look of thee dresses more than anything else. It is this that makes them be fairy like wedding dresses. But fit for a garden… Only if it is a very big and beautiful garden, the garden of a castle or of a palace. A common garden wouldn’t be the right décor for these dresses. Maybe a hotel could have a good garden for these dresses. I don’t know exactly why I like these dresses, because they are not really my type. I am not the garden type of a bride, I like the comfort of an indoor room. But I think the second dress from here, which has a Greek style, could well be worn in a very nice indoor place. That’s the dress that I like and I can see myself in a room with many columns to match the dress.

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