Exotic Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Decorations | March 25 2020 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

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The latest trends in weddings, especially in wedding colors and flowers have shown us that going exotic might be a very inspired way to transform your wedding from a simple and plain event into a real unforgettable fiesta.
When planning the wedding flowers for the bridal bouquet, for the bridesmaid’s bouquets and for the other venue arrangements that compose the wedding décor brides must play it smart and wise, in order to obtain the most attractive, inviting, flattering, impressive, romantic and cheerful wedding atmosphere. Flowers are the sensible part of a wedding that must be planned with extra care and attention.

Now that the color plays such an essential role in the whole aspect of the wedding and in your own bridal look, you must coordinate the flowers along with the general theme and color scheme of the wedding and wedding dress. Tropical themed wedding bouquets are in big demand this year, due to the numerous couples who choose a destination exotic location for their wedding.

But there are many brides who are only searching for that something special in a wedding bouquet and that is why they decide to go with an exotic wedding bouquet and décor arrangement, for a simple, trendy and casual wedding spend anywhere in nature. There is no need to cross the seas and reach a tropical island, beach or coast in order to be able to carry a sensual exotic wedding bouquet.

Going tropical is an easy thing to do. As long as you keep the wedding’s style and character simplistic, natural, vibrantly colored and casual, you can always plan an exotic wedding bouquet for a garden wedding, park wedding, open field wedding, country side, backyard or mountain wedding. In order to reach that luxurious natural look of an exotic wedding bouquet arrangement you must take care of a few aspects.

Firstly you must pick the most adequate and spectacular types of exotic wedding flowers or natural real touch wedding flowers that you can find in a local flower shop or online. You can opt for a sexy hot pink plumeria exotic wedding bouquet, or for a more sensual and feminine natural touch gardenia exotic wedding bouquet.

You can also use hibiscus, anemones, star gazer lilies, peonies, amaryllis, cymbidium orchids, jasmines, gingers, gerbera daises, sunflwowers, bird of paradise, bamboo, proteas, amaranthus or anthuriums in order to compose a surprisingly beautiful, creative and unique exotic wedding bouquet.

Among the most suitable colors that you can look for in flowers for an exotic wedding bouquet are: orange, peach, coral, hot pink, ruby rose, pale pink, fuchsia, magenta, deep purple, pearl gray, turquoise, lime or olive green, bright yellow, navy blue or chocolate brown, ivory and champagne or cream. Natural touch hand tied wedding bouquet styles are the adequate ones for casual exotic weddings or looks, in general. Don’t use too many bows, ribbons and other foliages. Use beaded taffetas or wrapping tulle materials.11


  1. diane

    July 05, 2010 at 8:40 am

    Omg… these bouquets are amazing! I can just imagine a wedding on the beach, something really nice with a ceremony at sunset and a beach bar and palm trees. Imagine the tables decorated with white sheets and these super orange arrangements that you’ve shown in the pictures above. It would surely be something that everyone remembers and your wedding will not be soon forgotten. It’s like the colors of these exotic flowers actually match the color of the sun when it’s about to set and I find it a beautiful scenery. Are these exotic flowers easy to find? Because I have never seen a flower shop that makes these bouquets.

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