Excited To Announce Our New Wedding Webinar!

Wedding Tips & Ideas | March 31 2020 | by Mary | 0 Comments

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I know we’ve probably fallen into oblivion in the past months, but no one around here took time off to relax. As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve redesigned the website (it looks so girly and weddings-y, doesn’t it?) and we’re really happy with the way it looks like now. But we’ve also been working on something else.

I am excited, hyped, thrilled, nervous, anxious, but very happy to announce the launch of our first live webinar. This is the first one in a series of webinar dedicated to helping you, future brides, plan your wedding as easy as possible, by answering almost every question you can think of. The first webinar will be dedicated to choosing the wedding photographer, which most of you know it’s not an easy task. I mean, we’re talking about photos that will stay with you for a lifetime, so it’s most important that you choose wisely. So on Wednesday, March 16, we’re expecting all of you to join us, we promise you’ll have a great time. To register the webinar, just click here, enter your email address and you’re done.

What exactly are we going to talk about, you ask? Well, here’s a couple of hints on the awesome stuff that you’ll know once when the webinar is over:

• What to look for in a wedding photographer (the technical details that nobody bothers to explain);
• What makes a photographer better than another;
• What are the items that should be included in the contract;
• What are the hidden questions that you should ask but probably never thought of;
• What are the biggest mistakes you make when looking for a wedding photographer.

Everyone who registers will receive a free copy of a book I wrote, “The 320 Mandatory Steps To Plan Your Perfect Wedding”. This book is very dear to me, since I did about 8 months of research before writing it (you wouldn’t believe the size of the wedding planning map I had on the wall behind my desk).

And since you’ve proven to be a great audience, I’ve decided to add a little extra to spice up this webinar. All those who attend live, will get a chance to win a beautiful bridal necklace with Swarovski elements.


So, what you need to remember:
The when: 16th of March, 3:00 p.m. EST
The where: Click here to reserve your seat
The why: Because you need help in finding the best wedding photographer for you.

P.S. Did I mention there are only 200 spots available?

P.P.S. 181 spots and counting.

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