Is It Ever OK To Take Off The Wedding Ring?

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Your wedding ring is one of the most significant objects you will ever possess. We’re not talking about the size of the diamond or how many karats your ring has. We are talking about its symbolism and what it means to you. The ring illustrate the eternal bond of marriage, due to its shape: a circle which has no end. So once you put it on, you do not really feel like ever taking it off, do you? But what if there are social or personal situations where taking off the ring might seem suitable, are you allowed to do it? Will your partner be OK with this decision? In fact, is it ever OK to take it off?

These are questions that will pop up in everyone’s mind at one point in their marriage. If you are doubting whether is it fine to do it or not, you need to read this article and find out which are the situations where taking off the wedding ring is not such a big deal.


Recently, Instant Checkmate took a poll on social media asking the big question “Is it OK or not to take off your wedding ring?”. It is interesting to notice that the opinions were divided: 58% said yes, while 42 said no. Most of the respondents came up with very clear arguments sustaining their answer.

The NO side

Their answers were simple and quite similar. Many believe that once you put the ring on you may never take it off, no matter the circumstances. It is very important for some to respect this tradition, as the presence (or absence) of the ring signifies how well the couple’s relationship is going. Others become more suspicious and state that taking off the ring shows a predisposition for cheating. Let’s also remember about the hilarious situation when you forget where you put the ring after you took it off. If you lose it, you better brace yourself to answer lots of uncomfortable questions!

The YES side

Here one can find multiple and decent reasons for taking off the ring, without harming his/ her marriage. But let’s keep in mind that taking off the wedding ring to mislead someone for an interview or for the sake of a little romance are not considered to be good enough reasons. Still, other practical or job-related situations are really acceptable – we sure bet you will love to keep your ring safe and in good condition.

When working out, it is perfectly fine to take off your wedding ring. The materials used in the jewelry making process such as platinum and gold become somehow soft when putting pressure on them. When executing your regular gym exercises you might end up changing the ring’s shape, and in time you risk bending it so hard that its diamonds will fall out. The same rules apply for other types of sports like soccer, basketball or tennis. If you are planning to get involved in any contact sports, you’d better leave your ring in a safe place, preferably at home.

Did you know that using cosmetics might cause the loss of natural shine and grime might appear on your ring? The use of simple and common products that every woman has in her house, such as hair spray, perfume or lotions, threaten the integrity of their beautiful jewelry. Here’s a piece of advice, if you forgot to take it off once, you can clean it by rinsing it with hot water and dish-washing liquid or toothpaste. Carefully dry your ring with a cotton towel.

Never ever take the wedding ring (in fact any other jewelry) with you when you go swimming. No matter if you decide to go swimming in a pool, a lake or your bathtub, you should never take the ring with you. The cold water shrinks your fingers, making it much easier for the wedding ring to “disappear” during a swim. Also, keep in mind that the chlorine used in most pools can damage and discolor your jewelry.

It is also a good idea to take the ring off when cleaning your house. Not only do cleaning products contain harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia that will destroy the surface of your ring, it is most likely that you are going to bang up your engagement ring on the kitchen floor, bathroom counters and any other rough surface in your house. The same can happen when you are gardening. You never know when bad luck happens and you chip your diamond or knock the setting loose while doing heavy yard work.

If your job demands it, it is OK to take off your wedding ring. If your job involves physical work with a great focus on your hands, if you are a surgeon or even a kindergarten teacher (you never know when one of those little guys decides to grab your hand and take off your ring) or if you are a painter, sculptor and your job involves working with paint, clay and other materials that might deteriorate your jewelry, is it perfectly understandable if you prefer to leave it at home.

Reasons such as divorce or the death of one of the partners are self-explanatory. In these situations, giving up the wedding ring might be necessary as it can be seen as a small part of the healing process.

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