Estate 3 Stone Wedding Rings

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Those who can’t settle at all for less when it comes to wedding rings and wish to wear something impressive and outstanding should take a look at these gorgeous estate 3 stone wedding rings we’re showing below on this page. The estate style is trendy and sought-after by many brides and grooms today.

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The trellis design is also a favored among both the modern and classic brides and we are glad to offer you a few brilliant designs that you can select or get inspired from for your own wedding ceremony. The three-stone rings are for those who want something elegant and fancy, but also meaningful. This style is viewed as one of the most symbolical styles a bride can choose for her wear. The three diamonds are used to symbolize the three stages of the time: past, present and future.

American Indian Wedding Rings (Source:

Estate 3 Stone Wedding Rings (Source:

A ring like this can provide the bride with a fabulous look and with a special feel. You will definitely feel precious, one of a kind and blessed wearing one of these charming rings. The first ring we’re featuring on this page is a lovely piece made of solid platinum and beautified with three round brilliant cut diamonds. The prongs are big and visible and this makes the design even more dramatic and bold. We recommend this sensational piece to those who want something romantic and still imposing.

American Indian Wedding Rings (Source:

Estate 3 Stone Wedding Rings (Source:

There is something powerful and attractive about this ring masterpiece that separates it from the other pieces we’ve seen so far. The price of this ring is $2,399.00. The next ring is constructed in 18 k white gold and it is also beautified with three round-cut diamond stones. This is an antique design and it is adorned with a rich artistic pattern on the sides of the band. The diamond stones are more visible and therefore more dazzling than in the precious ring style we’ve showed you here.

American Indian Wedding Rings (Source:

Estate 3 Stone Wedding Rings (Source:

The ring was previously worn but it looks beautiful. If you’re interested in purchasing it for your wear, you must pay $1,199.00. The last design is also crafted in white gold (14k) and it is adorned with three square cut diamonds. This ring is modern and it can fit many contemporary brides who want to wear something bold, eye-catchy and outstanding. This ring is already worn but it is in excellent condition. Its price is $4,599.00. Browse for more three-stone wedding rings on our website!


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