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Searching for the wedding dress which is perfectly cut, perfectly structured, fitting flawlessly your body shape and sizes, you might want to take a look at the Essense of Australia wedding gowns and see what is there presented in pages of elegantly cut wedding dresses. This bridal fashion house has been established in 1997 and since that time it has become renowned for its finishing touches of the couture and the high level of quality displayed by the presence of delicate fabrics. Most of the times fabric is known to be the decisive factor in the style of a gown, but this one is definitely related to the skilful hand and the artistic eye of the designer.

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The creations that come out of the hands of Essense of Australia designers reflect the inspiration that these designers find in all the corners of the world. There are unique creations made with details to incorporate the sparkling presence of a Swarowski crystal, or the beautifully embroidered colored beads, insertions of silver and gold, all these features adding a note of splendor that has to accompany the look of a bride in the shiniest day of her life.  These gowns come also in presentations of two pieces gowns offering the future brides the possibility to combine the bust part of a two suite with another skirt belonging to another set of pieces.

For more than 14 years, Essense of Australia has been a leader in the bridal fashion, being in its turn a good source of inspiration for other fashion houses and other fashion designers as well. The travels this Essense of Australia design team is taking work as great solutions in allowing the fashioners to come up with innovative styles or details to enrich the aspect of a wedding dress. The attention that these designers pay to the detail is the signature of Essense of Australia wedding gowns; once you run into the presentation of such collections you know that the Swarowski crystals and diamonds included in the aspect of a bridal gown has to belong to the visions of such designers.

The most preferred style of the bridal designers all over the world is the princess silhouette of a gown, this one being the most versatile one in regard to the ways of finding solutions for its embellishing, for its appliques, and styles to attach the train or to ruffle the skirt. Thus opening on of their sites you see fabrics ranged from alluring lace to the draped satin Angel and satin chiffon. While getting in touch with the design team and their creations, you come to understand that as much as the design is either elegant, sumptuous, elaborate or delicate, the wedding gowns confer that magic which every bride desires having in her overall appearance once she begin walking down the aisle.

The novelty brought each time by the team working inside the Essense of Australia bridal fashion house is another landmark in the evolution of the creation process, every year entire collections bring to the future brides new details, new visions of brides that totally satisfy the desire of a woman to be updated with the last trends in fashion industry.11

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  1. Cherie McGregor

    September 16, 2013 at 1:24 am

    I am desperately looking for an Essence D1376 Wedding gown for my daughter”s wedding in November. Please, please, please let me know if you have one!

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