Eccentric Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Decorations | December 06 2019 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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When planning the flowers for the wedding the happy excited bride must take into account several aspects of the wedding that have a direct influence on how extravagant or elaborated the arrangements should be. And these aspects of the wedding that are decisive in choosing the best type of bouquet or flowers are: the venue, the season, the theme or the formality of the wedding. In order to make the right choice brides must always take into consideration these “tiny details” of the wedding. In this article we are going to talk about offbeat brides who want to break traditions and adopt a more unconventional and unusual perspective or style on the wedding.


In these pictures we want to show you a few examples of eccentric wedding bouquets and flower arrangements that you can choose for your own wedding if the extravagant and dazzling original look is what you’re interested in. The wedding bouquet is now viewed as an essential accessory for the wedding that the modern bride must wear in order to obtain even a more eye-catchy, glamorous and spectacular look! Nevertheless, we are not trying to convince you of anything here, but to encourage you in embracing and assuming a more fashionable, voguish and modern style for your wedding flower bouquet.

This doesn’t have to mean that you should cross all the limits and go wild with the designs, the colors and the accessories. No matter how radical, extraordinary or unconventional you want the bouquet to look like you have to keep the arrangement within the limits of common sense, beauty, refinement, style and class. In terms of wedding flower arrangements eccentric can mean extravagant, whimsical, quirky, intricate, pompous, elaborated, intricate, sophisticated, luxurious, exquisite, luscious, original, artistic, innovative, creative, inspiring or spectacular and magnificent. But it never should mean ostentatious, strident, grating, ugly or heavy on the eye.

The colors, the embellishments and the designs must be planned with maximum attention to details and the rules of decency – where decent should not mean simple, plain, modest, boring or predictable but elegant, refined and high class. An eccentric wedding bouquet can be called the bouquet composed of exotic flowers or tropical vibrant and vivacious colors, or one that’s highly adorned and decorated with all kinds of sparkling wires and jewelries.

There are plenty ways and decorative accessories that you can use to dress up your bridal bouquet in order to make it a more remarkable, eye-catchy and fascinating centerpiece for the wedding and for your look. Among the most popular types of accessories that are nowadays used in wedding bouquets we mention: swags, brooches, feathers, monograms, beaded taffetas and silk sleek ribbons, buttons, seashells, corals, sequins, rhinestones, gemstones, crystals, diamonds, origami flowers or branches.11

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