Easy Wedding Cake Decorations

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Decorating a wedding cake is like painting a masterpiece. It has become a piece of art and there are even articles on the internet and television shows showing brides to be what it takes to bake a wedding cake and decorate it. But if you feel some of the methods are extravagant and can’t be done so easily, don’t worry, as there are many simple decorations ideas you can pick up and make the cake look stunning. No matter how the cake looks and how sophisticated it is, in the end it tastes just as good. So let’s see some easy wedding cake decorations that will make your wedding cake even more beautiful.

You can give a classic cake a modern look by choosing custom monograms instead of the bride and groom topper. Use the initials of the couple and put them on the cake. They can be done in silver or gold and can even have Swarovski stones on them. If you want something edible, you can make them from sugar. Keep the decorations looking formal and think about the contrast. For instance, a tiered wedding cake with blue frosting and white letters looks elegant and really pops in everyone’s attention. Fresh flowers are used for decorating the wedding cake and they are among the best choices. You can use the same flowers you have in your flower bouquet or in the arrangements and the same colors as well.

Easy Wedding Cake Decorations (Source: cheap-chic-weddings.com)

Easy Wedding Cake Decorations (Source: cheap-chic-weddings.com)

You can either decorate only the top of the cake with fresh blooms or you can decorate each tier or make a cascade from the top to bottom. Just think how good it looks to have a bouquet of rosebuds on top of a chocolate frosted layer cake. You can even sprinkle petals around the cake or the cake stand to add extra detail. To create a tropical setting, you can use a bright orange yellow orchid on top of the cake, while the cake is layered in coconut dust. You can find many useful ideas on flower decorations for your wedding cake and most of them are superb, making your cake truly blossom.

Easy Wedding Cake Decorations (Source: blog.weddingpaperdivas.com)

Easy Wedding Cake Decorations (Source: blog.weddingpaperdivas.com)

Ribbons are also a good idea for decoration and they can be used along flowers as well. Wrap a real ribbon or one made out of fondant, around the base of each layer of the tiered cake to add some color to a white wedding cake. For a romantic style, choose a heart patterned red ribbon.


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