Dry Cleaners Specializing In Wedding Dresses

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A wedding dress is that kind of clothing that you would like to preserve at least some time after your wedding day is gone. In case it is a stylish one, and its design is the one that can defeat the fashion trends in time, you may want to further keep it till your child is having his/her own wedding. But for this thing to happen, you need to have it proper, and after the wedding is over, everything but proper one can not see her wedding dress to be. After all, you have worn it through a whole long day, with flowers that you carried in your hands, with snacks serving after the religious service, with glasses of champagne to cheer, with a dinner to have, and not to mention the wedding cake to cut.

All these moments have their risky part, in that you might very easy stain your dress, and even if you are too careful, the wedding dress is getting dirty anyway because of the sweat and the dust in the air; being a bride you are not absolved from these things to happen, unfortunately. So before thinking to preserve the dress you have to take it to dry cleaners specializing in wedding dresses. It is mandatory to find these kind of services because they are specially designed to clean these fabrics that need special care and special chemicals that won’t destroy the structure of the fabrics. ¬†Maybe it is better to consider the option to have it sent it to a dry cleaner that takes individual interest in it, since the “wholesale” dry cleaners provide the service for 30 gowns at one time.

dry-cleaners-specializing-in-wedding-dressesYou really need to know that your wedding dress benefits from one of the best care and cleaning, after all you plan to keep it for some time in its perfect condition and not wrinkled or stained or even yellowed. The dry cleaners specializing in wedding dresses that are not wholesaled pay close respect and attention to your wedding gown, they make first a general inspection while you are present, to establish the parts that are stained or yellowed or dirty, and after the cleaning process is through they inspect it again, in order to be sure that the cleaning is properly made and only after that they proceed in pressing it to look impeccable till you come and pick it up.

The dry cleaning process uses perchlorethylene, Stoddard solvent, Exxon DF-200 (called Hydro-carbon) and Greenearth, which is a new silicone-based solvent. The use of solvents depend on the type of fabrics used for the wedding dress; for instance, there are wedding gowns that have instructions on their label to be dry-cleaned only with solvents based on Petroleum. But no matter the solvents dry cleaners use, after all it is their job to know which one is the best, you have to point out the parts that are dirty for in the end, when you come to take the deliverance you have to be sure that you get back a wedding dress that is worth being admired by the generations to come.11

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