Dominican Wedding Songs

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Dominican Republic is a nation that populates the island of Hispaniola, that is part of the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region. The country is displaying white-sand beaches, mountain ranges crossed by spectacular rivers and waterfalls, and saltwater lakes, as well as exotic wildlife; all these turn the Dominican Republic into a dream land that has a lot to offer, either for tourists or couples that want to find a nice location for their wedding day. In this region, the locals throw themselves into the frenzy of parties and carnivals in such a colorful way that it is hard to forget.

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Every year there are at least two carnivals with parades, lots of music and dancing in the street. Cities like Santiago, Cabral, Monte Cristi, Santo Domingo celebrate also these festivities next to two major merengue festivals, where the sweet sound of Latin Music is heard all over the place.

dominican-wedding-songsMusic is very important in the Dominicans life, one can listen to it everywhere you go; the merengue, bachata, salsa or lately reggaeton are the styles specific to this region, and everybody is dancing to it. The resorts that are populating the beaches strive to do their best in entertaining the visitors offering a diversity of choices that appeal to almost every taste. Apart form this there is a continuous development in tourism department through foreign investment that promises luxury marina’s, golf, residences and beautiful spots for a dream wedding by the ocean shore.

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The wedding ceremonies are full of color, of music and dancing; they can even turn into a small carnival, that colorful they are! The music is performed by the locals, or in case you want someone famous, there are few singers, but their music has reached the boundaries of immortality, since their songs are often performed at the wedding parties, even though the couples are not locals. Dominican wedding songs are performed in the soft sound of Latin Music, giving you the feeling that the tunes wrap you up in their delicacy. Combined with the Latin language it makes them be even more inciting. The famous Dominican singers known to have released plenty of albums are Jose Alberto, Elvis Martinez and Amarfis.

“Asi Te Amo” (the way I love you) – performed by Elvis Martinez, is a song dedicated to the feeling of love, the love that doesn’t count for the way one looks, but for the richness of the soul and the way one is able to love. The immeasurable intensity of love is cast toward the beloved one, in an attempt to prove that the material things do not matter, but only the spiritual ones.

“Become In loved with Me” – by Elvis Martinez, is a beautiful love song, where he is asking for the love of his beloved woman, confessing to her that there is nothing in the world that he wants more than her love for him. He knows that his love toward his woman drives him crazy and for this he just needs her love to bring peace to his soul.

Dominican wedding songs have the perfume of the exotic and the mysterious sound of love whispered at the soul of the beloved woman, that is what makes them be perfect for the party of your dream-like wedding day.11

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