Dolphins Wedding Cake Topper Bride Groom Reception

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The wedding cake topper should not only reflect the theme and the style of your wedding but should can also send a message. Since ancient times people used symbols to transmit special messages. Animal and birds symbol had special meanings in different cultures all over the world, they were used as totems and good luck charm. For example the dolphin is a powerful symbol used by many cultures, especially by those who were fond and worshiped the ocean and the ocean creatures. The dolphin is the symbol of harmony, communication, wisdom, trust, freedom. The dolphins teaches us about harmony, playfulness and communication with others. The dolphins have excellent communication skills and they are intelligent, they are the most loved creatures of the ocean. The dolphins give us the lesson to live in tune with the patterns of nature. In myths and legends, dolphins are associated with higher forms of consciousness on the spiritual level.

So if you are having a beach wedding or if you just love dolphins you can choose this type or topper for your wedding cake. The dolphin toppers can be made from different materials from porcelain, glass, plastic, sugar or gum paste. If you want your wedding cake topper to last forever and if you want to have it like a treasure all your life choose porcelain or plastic dolphin wedding cake toppers.

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There are many websites from where you can order your dolphin wedding cake topper. For example from dolphin sun limited website where you will find a large collection of dolphin wedding cake toppers from glass, crystal, plastic, porcelain, in any size, design and colors. You buy the two dolphins for $ 21. The two dolphins hand crafted in 22K gold cake topper for a luxurious wedding. The two dolphins kissing over a heart topper made from glass. The two dolphins on an oval Mirror Glass Sculpture, the two glass dolphins on a wooden base. Two dolphins kissing in the center of a crystal heart and many others. The dolphins cake toppers can be customized to look the way you want, you can choose the design, the fabrics, the size and the colors. The prices very according how sophisticate the design is and what materials have been used. If you want something glamorous and luxurious you can choose crystal dolphin toppers decorated with precious stones.

dolphin cake from

There are many websites from which you can buy your dolphin cake toppers. On every cake topper website you will find dolphin toppers because they are very popular and a common choice for many couples. You can buy your dolphin cake toppers from eBay, amazon, the find, etsy, wedding collectibles and from many other website.

Dolphin cake toppers are perfect if you don’t want traditional bride and groom cake topper, if you are having your wedding on a beach or if you just want to use the dolphin symbol.11

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