Dolphin Wedding Cake Toppers

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Beach themed weddings are always nice and very comfortable. A beach themed wedding will always be casual and relaxed, away from the stiffness imposed by a very elegant, formal event. Therefore, anyone who has to go to such a wedding will surely have a wonderful time. The less pleasant thing is that a beach themed wedding will require the bride and groom to start planning as soon as possible, because there are many things that need to be taken into account.

Dolphin Wedding Cake Toppers (Source:

Dolphin Wedding Cake Toppers (Source:

First of all, you should think about the setting. This is very important and then, you should also think about the little things that combine so as to form a beautiful and beautiful event. For instance, the wedding cake toppers are more important than you give them credit to. Believe it or not, your cake will also have to be made around the beach theme, especially if you want the experience to be a complete one. The design of the cake is not that hard to decide upon. Plus, your baker will surely have some ideas for you, if you do not really know what to have for a cake.

In what concerns the toppers, most beach themed weddings have cakes featuring little dolphin toppers. I am sure you all love dolphins and they would surely be a nice touch on the cake, especially if it is made around the beach themed. Although most couples would choose to have an ice cream cake for their beach themed wedding, because such a cake is a lot more refreshing, those who choose to go with the classical type of cake should really considering getting little dolphin wedding cake toppers. They are not only nice to look at, but if you decide to make them out of sugar, they will surely be delicious as well.


Wedding cake toppers can vary in price and dolphin cake toppers should not cost too much. It all depends on the material you want them to be made out of and, of course, it also depends on the little details you want to appear on the dolphins. You can choose to dress the dolphins up as bride and groom, just to make the cake look a lot more interesting. This, however, can cost a lot more. But when it comes to be pleased and satisfied with the way your wedding came out to be like, money is a lot less important than we give them credit to.

Dolphin Wedding Cake Toppers (Source:

Dolphin Wedding Cake Toppers (Source:

In any case, dolphin wedding cake toppers are very interesting and they are also a nice touch to brighten up the cake. Make sure, however, that your dolphin toppers match the rest of the cake. In what concerns the flavors, make sure they are fresh and sweet, just so to please everyone and make them want for more. The size of the cake should be in accordance with the number of guests you are expecting and you should always think about getting more, just to make sure there will be enough for everyone. In any case, whatever you choose, it will surely look amazing.


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