Dog Cat Wedding Cake Toppers

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More and more couples are choosing to have non-traditional weddings they want something unique to reflect their personality, style, ideas, taste. The days when all wedding cakes had bride and groom toppers are gone. If you want something non-traditional you can choose unique toppers, or funny toppers.

Many couples choose funny cake toppers to surprise their guests and to bring a smile on their face. If you choose a funny wedding cake topper you will smile every time you will remember it over the years and will be a memory what will bring you joy and happiness. Choosing cat and dog topper can be a statement that marriage is not easy that sometimes you two will feel like dog and cat, arguing like dogs and cats.

Dog Cat Wedding Cake Toppers

Dog Cat Wedding Cake Topper from

These days dogs and cats are getting along very well, they are even friends so that is a statement that even if both of you are very different like dog and cat you can have a great life together, after all opposites do attract each other. It won’t be easy but you are decided to make it work even if sometimes you two will be like dog and cat. That might seem a crazy idea to some of your guests especially old ones, while others might be amused by your cat and dog cake topper. So any way it is your wedding and you cannot please everyone by choosing classical things for your wedding if you cannot express your ideas and have a little bit of fun at your wedding you might not be very happy. You should not care about what your guests will think or say if you want a cat and dog topper for your wedding cake then go for it. It is your big day and you can select anything you want, anything that makes you smile even if that means a funny topper. Artists can create any topper you want for you wedding cake. You can find dog and cat toppers on many websites, they can customize the toppers to look the way you want. Tell the artist exactly what you want, give them a pic of how you want the topper to look like.

Dog Cat Wedding Cake Toppers

Dog Cat Wedding Cake Topper from

A cute funny dog topper with bow and a cat topper with veil will surely bring a smile, especially the kids at your wedding will love the ideas, maybe your parents or grandparents will want something more traditional and will not understand your choice but if that is the type of topper you want for your wedding cake then no one can stop you. Animal cake toppers are always funny, and it is great alternative to the classical, boring bride and good topper.

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  1. Cynthia

    July 31, 2011 at 12:28 am


    Great information, however, CharmOrigin is a scam site. They have stolen pictures from other companies and pass them off as their own. They are a bogus company from China and they should not be used.

    The other company is legit. I just know that CharmOrigin is not.

    Buyer Beware!

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