Diamond and ruby wedding rings

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When most couples think of wedding rings, they see only diamonds in front of their eyes. But there are many other stones, semi-precious or precious that can make even a more interesting, eye-catchy and one of a kind selection for those who are looking for unique wedding rings in general.
We consider a gemstone wedding ring even more attractive, spectacular, original and unconventional or hot and trendy than a simple classical diamond wedding ring. Among the most popular types of gemstones that you can choose from are: amethysts, emeralds, aquamarines, turquoises, topaz, tanzanite, sapphires, tourmaline, pearls, jade, hematite, opals, onyx or rubies. We personally love rubies because they are incredibly hot, sensual, vibrant and exceptional among so many other choices.

The wedding ring must also be an expression or perhaps a reflection of the couples’ personality, lifestyle and preferences or sense of style and not only the symbol of the love and the commitment that bounds them.

Nowadays the wedding ring is more than a predictable standard jewelry that has the main purpose of reminding the bride and the groom that they are married and that they will always be together. The wedding ring must speak about elegance, fashion, individuality, originality and uniqueness. If the wedding ring manages to embody and express all these things, then you’ve made the right choice.

But even the most fashionable rubies can be beautified if using the correct setting, the right design and the right accents or patterns. We would like you to look at these photos with diamond and ruby wedding rings and tell us what you think.

Do you think that a simple singular diamond stone wedding ring can look as gorgeous and sensational as a ruby wedding ring with diamonds? Would you prefer a diamond wedding ring instead of a diamond and ruby wedding ring? It’s very important for us to know what your preferences are in order to provide you with more information on the subject.

Both brides and grooms can opt for a diamond and ruby wedding ring depending on the color of the metal chosen for the band. Men can opt for yellow gold diamond and ruby wedding rings, for a multi-tone diamond and ruby wedding ring or for titanium or silver diamond and ruby wedding rings, while women can go with almost any type of metal and color.

Brides can also find extraordinary antique or vintage diamond and ruby wedding rings set in unique old fashion styles and designs if the old style is what they’re on to. Watch out with the wedding ring budget though, because in some cases a ruby wedding ring can be even more expensive than a simple diamond engagement or wedding ring.11

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