Designer Orchid Wedding Flower Arrangements

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These stunning orchid wedding flower centerpieces that we’re presenting here were created by Aileen Tran Event Stylist and we must confess that they did an excellent job with these arrangements. This company is actually an extension of Karen Tran Florals – which is the parent company, and they are among the most successful floral designers who create exclusive wedding arrangements for the modern brides.


These super centerpieces look divine and charming, and this is because they were created especially for the contemporary brides who want something unique, detailed, exquisite and original. These couturier’s creations and arrangements are sometimes unconventional and this is because their principal muse or source of inspiration for their creations is the modern woman and her unique preferences.

The brides or couples who appreciate the designs promoted by these couturiers are called eclectic and for good reason! The refinement of the details, the boldness and eccentricity of the designs, the artistry and the innovative schemes used for their arrangements make a wonderful contrast that lead to a dramatic type of wedding that modern couples appreciate today. We recommend these stylists to all brides who want to transform their simple, standard and predictable wedding day into a more fascinating, spectacular and fashionable event that everyone will remember!

These designer orchid wedding flower arrangements that we’re showing here are breath-taking and it looks like they were created especially for destination weddings or for romantic weddings booked for outdoors venues. Fancy, utterly romantic, feminine and sensual, the lovely orchids look at their best when used in detailed and luxurious arrangements. We like the hot pink accents used for the glasses and napkins, accents that manage to create a stunning contrast with the pure crystal white orchids and green leaves of the calla lilies. These arrangements express simplicity, elegance, refinement, gracefulness and finesse – a few of the most important qualities or principles that make a wedding look remarkable and successful!

You don’t have to plan the wedding on a beach, island or coats to use the orchid centerpieces. These designer orchid wedding flower arrangements can help you recreate the luxury and natural vibe of the seaside anywhere else! You can plan the wedding in a backyard, in a park, on an open field or even in the country-side and use these orchid arrangements that will make everything get the feeling that they are on a beach! We promise to be back with more flower arrangements signed by these designers.11

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