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I don’t think that there is one woman in this world who uses makeup and didn’t hear about MAC before. M. A. C. stands fir Makeup Art Cosmetics and it is an American cosmetics and makeup manufacturer. The company’s products can be found in most high-end retail stores like Nordstroms and Macy’s. The counters can be recognized by the employees that are clothed in black (to match with the color of the company) and they usually are very pretty. These employees have a lot of knowledge about the products they are selling and they are very helpful.
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Besides the counters in stores you can find the products online as well. The company has an official website where you can order the products. On this site you can find the entire product line and sometimes there are some items that can’t be bought in a store. The website also offers tips and tricks on makeup. Although the website is very good you should know that it is very hard to represent the color of a lipstick on a monitor and sometimes the monitors don’t have the right color balance so it is better to test the colors at a store.

The MAC lipsticks come in 6 formulas: matte, satin, cream, frost, glaze, tone and sheer. One of the most popular lipstick lines is called simply Lipstick and it has many colors so that everybody finds one that she likes. The shades include Vegas Volt, Modesty, Brick-O-La, Lame, Capricious, Crosswires, Midimauve, On Hold, Please Me, Angel, Costa Chic, politely Pink, Pink Plaid, Mystic, Full Body, Crème in Your Coffee, 3-D, Sophisto, Sequin, Underworld, Feel So Fine,  Crème Cup, Naked Paris, High Strung, Lady Danger, Snob,  Syrup, Pervette, Craving, Brave Red, Lovelorn, Plum Dandy, Hot Gossip, Captive, Spice It Up!, Fluid, Party Line, Sweetie, Speak Louder, Resolutely Red, Hot Tahiti, Lady bug, Chic, Chili, Media, Amorous, Red Full-Stop, Dubonnet, Russian Red, Film Noir, Dsire, Bombshel, Dive, Fresh Moroccan, MAC Red, Speed Dial, Crème De La Femme, London Life, Ruby Woo, Hipster, Plumful, Hang-up, Lustering, Cockney, New York Apple, Milan mode, Dark Side, Up the Amp, Lickable, Girl About Town, Odyssey, Rebel, Saint Germain, Faultlessly, Cyber, Tanarama, Bronze Shimmer, Coconutty, Freckletone, Chintz, Fresh brew, Photo, Honeyflower, Frou, Shag, Fetish, Meltdown, Frenzy, Myth, Touch, Morange, Jist, Honeylove, Jubilee, Spirit, Charismatic, Peachstock, Cherish, Crème d’Nude, Mocha, Half’n Half, Shitaki, Strength, Pretty Please, Ravishing, X-S, Spice Is Nice, Blankety, O, Sandy B, Velvet Teddy, Verve, Plastique, Ramblin’ Rose, Hug Me, Stay In Touch, Polished Up, Sheer Plum, P)aramount, Delish, Retro, Gleam, Taupe, Fast Play, Twig, Brave, High Def, Kinda Sexy, Shy Girl, Plink!, Faux, Fanfare, See Sheer, Dare You, Sharp Focus, Cosmo, Eden Rocks, Fabby, Patisserie, Hue, Black Knight, and Del Rio.

One of the most popular shades is the Delish Lipstick by MAC. This has a color with a bit of shimmer gold infused peachy and pink. It can also be considered neutral and it changes the color depending on the lip liner you use. I hope you will try the Delish Lipstick by MAC.11

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