Decorating Wedding Cakes

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If you’ve decided to make your own wedding cake just to save some money for the wedding budget then you should find out some of the most popular ways of decorating the wedding cake just to make it look more unique, distinctive, elegant and romantic.

The secret is always hidden within the decorations of the cake. So you’d better make anything possible for your wedding cake to be adorned and beautify in the most original way as possible. If you have no skills in creating or making wedding cakes, and you can’t handle at all a wedding cake then you can always buy a plain white simple wedding cake at some reasonable prices and decorate it at home, following your own imagination, creativity sense, vision and taste. Many modern couples seem to love the idea of having their wedding cake personalized by their own hands.

Therefore you don’t need to waist time and just buy a cheap plain white wedding cake and use some of the following ways of decorating the wedding cake to make it look like a million of bucks. If you’re dreaming of a really unique, whimsical and wild shaped wedding cake, you can use fondant frosting to smooth the cake’s surface and get it ready for the decoration part. Fondant is a fantastic and efficient ingredient made from gelatin and corn syrup that can transform any ribbed wedding cake into a smooth silky one. Just be careful because fondant is a bit more expensive than butter-cream frosting for example and it can be harder to handle.

If you’ve succeed in covering the wedding cake with fondant you can ad any type of decorative items like natural or artificial flowers, fresh fruits, butterflies, birds, bees, lace appliqués, swirls and polka dot patters, pearls and beadings, sequins, feathers, seashells or any fake or real jewelry like crystal or diamonds.

Keep in mind that a fondant decorated wedding cake can survive better during a hot summer outdoor wedding than a butter-cream or a royal icing wedding cake. And here we are at butter-cream décor. In general, butter-cream is renowned as a traditional and more classy type of frosting, but because new trends in wedding cakes requires more and more natural ingredients and looks, the butter-cream wedding cakes made a great comeback.

The butter-cream is more tasty, delicious, appetizing and yummier than any other type of frosting and less expensive. The final look of a butter-cream wedding cake is more fluffy, creamy and soft, but not as soft as a fondant finish. Don’t bring a butter-cream wedding cake to a summery outdoor wedding because it may melt in a few seconds. One of the richest types of décor for wedding cakes is the chocolate ganache.

If you’re planning a winter or an autumnal wedding, opt for a sleek, creamy, sweet, soft and modern chocolate ganache wedding cake. Using marzipan might be the most expensive way of decorating a wedding cake. The refined and sensual smoothing effect makes the best choice for extravagant, festive, royal and sophisticated weddings.11

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