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Weddings are part of our lives that require time, money and a lot of commitment. If you don’t want to see your wedding event as a burden on your shoulder, you’d better consider to hire a wedding planner that can take all the work away and you will be left only with the feeling that you have to attend a ceremony and a reception that mark your future life. But there are couples that due to a low budget they see themselves in a situation where they have to manage all by themselves with the preparation for the wedding, and to intervene with their own forces where the situation allows and doesn’t require too much money to spend. And maybe these situations can be really awarding in that you know that the element which is appreciated while having the wedding is done with your own forces.

One of these situations is creating your own wedding cake; lots of recipes are available on the websites, or you can ask also friends or members of your family in helping you to create and decorate wedding cakes. Beside the fact that you need to bake it there is this aspect of decoration that will turn your wedding cake into a masterpiece and worth being admired. You have to consider that making a wedding cake is not that hard as long as you have patience and you try to approach simple but beautiful decorating techniques that will turn your wedding cake in the sensation of the evening.

decorate-wedding-cakesWhen you look for a recipe you have to find one that is specifically designed for a wedding cake, because you need to have it sturdy enough making the right quantity of batter and icing. When it comes to decorating there are plenty of options, the most common are flowers and a lace design that you can create following instructions available on various sites; don’t forget to practice these techniques on a board, it will make you feel more comfortable with the idea that you won’t ruin something directly on your cake.

The technique of decorating depends a lot on the complexity of the cake, the more complex the cake is the more demanding is the decoration. You can find simple ways to decorate wedding cake and to be assured that even if it’s simple the decoration can add a plus of charm to your wedding cake; it’s the case of flower techniques and not very complicated border designs.

While planning the decoration you need to consider also the color of your mix, guided by the elements present in the wedding reception or even matching the color of the icing with the color of the bride’s gown. A fondant icing is a good option to consider especially that is very popular and you can have the guarantee that everybody will eat it. Flowers such as roses or chrysanthemums are generally used due to their simplicity in making them and their effect is that of clean beauty and delicacy.11

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