Dark Red Wedding Flowers

Wedding Decorations | December 05 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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The wedding flowers a bride chooses for her wedding are able to transform the event into a more inviting, sensual and elegant reception party that the guests are going to enjoy and remember. The power of flowers one decides to go for her wedding is endless! They can change the whole place and turn it into a more cheerful, vibrant and happy nice and flattering atmosphere that is going to make you and all the wedding attendants privileged to be there.


This is why is so important to choose the bets types of flowers for both the décor arrangement and for your bridal bouquet. And perhaps the color of the blooms is the only one that can take the arrangement to the next level of uniqueness, attractiveness, fashion and beauty. For this article we’ve chosen to discuss about dark red wedding flowers hopefully the images you can observe below on this page will inspire you in creating your own fabulous flower arrangements and bouquets.

Red remains the number one color that most brides are choosing for their wedding because it is considered the “official” color of romantic weddings. White weddings are also back in trend, and it seems that nowadays everything is competing to everything! It all depends on your own preferences, vision or expectations that you have when it comes to décor arrangements and wedding flower bouquets. There is no doubt that both white and red themed weddings are among the most popular and this can be regarded as a big disadvantage especially by brides who are interested in planning a more original and distinctive wedding or look. So, we thought to present you a few of our favorite types of dark red wedding flower bouquets and arrangements that we found on the internet in order to see that this nuance is more than appropriate and adequate for a wedding. Now, it all depends on your personality and the way you envision the best type of theme or color scheme for your wedding.

A dark red color palette may suit best the bold modern brides who are planning a Halloween themed wedding, a punk rock wedding or a Valentine’s Day wedding. However, those of you who wish to go whimsically romantic on the day will definitely be interested in choosing a darker theme for composing the flower arrangements. There are many types of flowers that can be found in a splendid dark red color, and among all we are going to give you our personal examples of blooms that can be found in this surreal and mesmerizing nuance: sweet peas, anemones, dahlias, chrysanthemums, gerbera daises, roses, hydrangeas, carnations, orchids, hibiscuses, calla lilies, poinsettias, ranunculuses, asters, gladiolas, peonies, tulips, freesias or cherry blossoms.

We are convinced that you will be able to make fabulous arrangements using these beautiful blooms listed here, according to your own vision of the ideal dark red wedding flower arrangements for you. Black and dark red wedding bouquets are quite hot and trendy these days, so make sure that you choose the best type of color palette or theme for your wedding!11