Country Love Songs By Tim McGraw

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If you like country music and plan to have a country wedding, then you need, among others, some quality country songs to set the right mood for your big day. For this, you may consider Tim McGraw, one of the most famous country music singers.

Tim McGraw born as Samuel Timothy Smith is a country music singer with more than 30 million albums sold and a lot of singles that topped the charts since his 1994 debut. He is also known for being married to the famous country music singer Faith Hill and they also have several amazing love duets together.
Let’s see what songs from Tim McGraw are to be used for the special moments of a wedding:
My Best Friend

This is a song from the album A Place in the Sun released in 1999. This touching lyrics of the song remind to listeners about the fact that beside a soul mate, the loved person must also be a best friend. This is good for a first wedding dance.

Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way

This is a song from the album Not a Moment Too Soon released in March 1994. It is written by Ed Hill and David Frasier and describes a real relationship. We can’t imagine our lives without our special person every day.

It’s Your Love

This is a lovely duet with McGraw’s beautiful wife Faith Hill. The two of them are the best example of an everlasting love. Their nice voices blend perfectly and complement one another. Faith and her husband sing about how love for someone special can change your life and make you a better person. It’s one of the most romantic country duets ever.

Comfort me

This song describes the way a woman can make a man wake up and see the wonders of love. It is also a song about Jesus Christ who is the only one who can bring faith into the soul of a wanderer. This is a good song for the special moments of wedding ceremony such as the vows or the rings exchanging.

Let me love you

This song describes the passion of a soul, who is in love, and knows what to do in order to get closer to his beloved person. This song is good for the first dance of the newlyweds.

Eyes of a woman

Eyes of a Woman is a song from the album A Place in the Sun, released by McGraw on May, 1999. This is a love song about how you can see the man you want to be just by looking in your lover’s eyes.

Let’s Make Love

This is a beautiful song featuring his wife Faith Hill and it’s a beautiful choice for your first wedding dance song. The lyrics describe the feelings of two lovers who are getting married.

My Little Girl

Well, judging by the title, this song is perfect for the touching father-daughter moment. It was written and recorded by Tim McGraw as a dedication to his daughter and reached the top three on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

The romance contained in McGraw’s lyrics makes these tunes perfect choices for a wedding.11

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