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Wedding Dresses | February 18 2019 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

Now that the vast majority of the modern brides are choosing to go natural, casual, light and simple on the big day, a cotton wedding dress seems to represent the greatest escape. The traditional elaborated, voluminous, nosy, pompous and extravagant wedding events that we used to attend are now transformed into simple and informal affairs booked for all kinds of destination exotic locations.

In order to suit these natural environments near the ocean or the seas, the 2010 bride is actually “forced” to pun on something more casual, cozy and less sophisticated. But even so, this doesn’t mean that the new casual wedding dress should look like a sac or like a plain outfit. The contrary! If the design is simplistic, airy, breezy and light weight, and so is the fabric of the dress, then the final appearance will turn out to be extremely chic, stylish, refined and soft.

This is the time of dressing up smart, wisely and as clever as possible. And the best way to do that is to keep it minimalist, clean and yet feminine. As we said before, light weight woolly, breezy, flowing materials are the ones that are capable of making a wedding dress feel and look nice, comfortable, sensual, delicate and dainty.

A cotton wedding dress has the capacity of making a bride feel comfy and practical, without looking too out of place or too inappropriate for a wedding. For hot summer wedding days spent on island, beaches or anywhere else in the middle of the nature, a beach cotton wedding dress can allow the bride to breathe properly and still feel “chilly”, if we can say that.

There is no other material or fabric that can ensure the bride with such comfort and breeze. This type of dress is perfect for brides who are planning perhaps a green wedding with an eco friendly theme or character, as well as it can work excellent for brides who understand the big impact that their wedding can have on the planet.

There are many styles and designs, as well as patterns, embroideries and embellishments that can be made on a cotton wedding dress.

A simple gaze at these pictures with modern cotton wedding dresses can help you acknowledge the beauty, the naturalness, the coziness, the delicacy, the specialty, the creativity and yet the simple elegance, style and sophistication of this type of dress.

Brides buying an eco cotton wedding dress for the big day can take advantage of the fact that the cotton can be dyed after the event is over in a different color in order to transform the dress into a casual cocktail or an evening party wedding dress. This way you don’t have to worry about the fact that you may not be able to wear the wedding dress again and rejoice at the fact that a cotton wedding dress represented a good investment.11


  1. melly

    April 29, 2011 at 7:28 am

    I like cotton but I never thought a wedding dress made of cotton could look so beautiful. I like this fabric because it’s very comfortable and breathable. And since comfort is my middle name, of course that I need to wear a comfortable dress from all points of view. These two dresses are nice and I can’t believe they are made of cotton, but only the first one is more comfortable, from my point of view. However, it lacks an important element in order for me to say I would buy it. It has no straps. If it had straps I would buy it in a second, because I love the rest of it, the line, the flowers, the elegance it has.

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