Contemporary Wedding Reception Centerpieces

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2012 weddings are inspired by many currents of the past. To our surprise, more and more couples are turning to the classic or vintage styles that were popular a few decades ago. So, it would not sound weird if we would say that the old style is the new style today in weddings. When it comes to modern wedding decorations, vintage motifs, colors and recipients make the difference. Not everybody likes this old-fashion style, however. If you want to plan a truly modern reception, we suggest you get inspired from our designer’s contemporary projects.

Modern wedding centerpieces are clean and crisp. They are rather simple and elegant than pompous and elaborated. The same style we can see used for wedding cakes and wedding dresses. Brides and grooms of today have many unique themes to choose from for a trendy wedding. You can go eco-friendly and plan a green themed wedding. Or, you can follow the rustic style and organize a country reception. There is a small difference between modern and contemporary, however. Experts in field say that modern centerpieces are based on colder materials. We can refer here at steel and metallic hues. On the other hand, the contemporary style is relatively warmer. Wood centerpieces are the trendiest ones.

Contemporary Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Contemporary Wedding Reception Centerpieces (Photo by: Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach Hotel)

Glass is another material you can consider for a contemporary wedding. You can replace the traditional style based on ceramic vases with mason jars, wine bottles and other glass bowls. For a modern touch, add steel recipients in glittery colors. For a contemporary look, consider birch and other wooden boxes for the flower centerpieces. If you want a contemporary wedding, try to keep close to warm colors and sharp silhouettes. You need to find the right balance between romantic and purely elegant. Today’s weddings are also trying to maintain a line between simple and elaborated. It’s much more elegant to plan a simple and clean wedding. The minimalist style is considered the daintiest one and the chicest one of all. Use bold shapes, crisp lines and bright colors for your centerpieces. Try to obtain a clean effect, but don’t compromise on brightness.

Your table decorations must be elegant, but still cheerful and friendly. Use tall angular vases made of glass and fill them with lemons or other citrus fruits. Add in clear beads or pearls and a few limes. Fill the vases with water and place them on the tables. They make original centerpieces for exotic or beach weddings. Use white grapes and crab apples or any other fruit combination for your vases. Bamboo plants are ideal for contemporary weddings. They will add an oriental flair to the entire setting. For an ocean inspired wedding reception with a tropical hint, mix seashells, sand and wood.  


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