Confederate Flag Wedding Cakes

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Flags are the hallmark of human groups, clusters of ethnic, social, political, professional or religious being a symbol of protection, granted or begged that people are towering above them. The flag is added to the value of the¬†distinctive sign: a senior banner, a general, a head of state, a saint, a congregation, a corporation, a homeland. About the symbolism of the flag we are witness to the various astral and heavenly signs that abound in the iconic national flags: tricolor is a simplified version of the rainbow, and the presence of the sun, stars, or the moon shows the people’s fixation on the higher values of transcendence. The confederate flag can be also an original idea for a themed wedding cake.

The flag of the United States consists of a rectangular field with 10:19 proportions between width and length, which are 13 horizontal stripes alternate colors, seven red and six white, each starting and ending with a red stripe, and having a dark blue rectangle (known in English as a navy blue) in the upper left corner, which are 50 regular pentagons with stars, white, arranged in nine horizontal rows, each five or six and four times each five rows of six stars alternating with five stars.

The 50 pentagons stellate means the 50 U.S. states and the 13 horizontal stripes, seven red and six white, stands the 13 former the colonies of Great Britain who have rebelled against him. With this design, the North American Union Flag is often called “the Stars and Stripes or Old Glory. ” The second (above) name was given by Captain William Driver, who lived in the 19th century.

Because of its symbolism, the blue area with the 50 stars is called “union”. This part of the confederate flag, called the Union Jack flag no connection with Great Britain stood alone as the flag ship between 1960 and 2002, then returned to the United States Navy flag ship first you had, First U.S. Navy Jack . Reasons for returning was that such a flag is symbolic of the struggle against perfidious enemy, being a part of the war against terrorism. However, Union Jack, continues to be used by vessels of non-American U.S. Navy, including those used by Coast Guard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (or NOAA). So if you love the history of U.S.A. and you are very patriotic, you can choose to show this in your wedding day by creating a confederate flag wedding cake.

There are many national traditions of the wedding. No ceremony is complete without a kiss. In fact, there was a time when the engagement was considered invalid without a kiss. In the Roman times, kissing was a legal bond that solidifies any contract. There was also a tradition usually in the fourteenth century as the bride to throw her garter to the men, pieces of the bride outfit considering that they bring luck. Sometimes, men got drunk, became impatient and tried to take the garter ahead of time, hence the custom of the bride and groom to remove her garter toss. Changing the habit, the bride began to throw the bouquet to the unmarried girls, but who had the right age for marriage. In the United States, the groom removes the garter and throws it to the unmarried men, and the man who catches it is said will be the next to be married. At some weddings the man who catches the garter starts the next dance with a lady. The garter is placed on the bride’s right leg just above the knee.11

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