Color Trends for Modern Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Decorations | February 22 2020 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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When the time comes to plan the wedding flower arrangements and bouquets the contemporary bride has lots of options to choose from, according to the exact type of formality, season, theme and location of the wedding she’s planning. And this wide range of possibilities refers primarily to the colors. This is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article, and that is about color trends for modern wedding bouquets. In the pictures below you get the chance to admire a few gorgeous and remarkable wedding bouquets composed of vibrant and bold colored flowers.


There is no doubt that a more vivacious and colorful bridal bouquet or flower arrangement than a classic predictable white wedding bouquet. However, we must admit that all-white weddings are still in vogue. In fact, the white color never really left us, only disappeared for a while and came back with new forces of transforming the standard wedding into a more inviting, stylish and fashionable special event for the guests to admire and enjoy. Therefore, nowadays both the white and the colored themes are in trend, so both the traditional and the contemporary brides can choose the right types of color palettes for decorating their own type of wedding.

There are many nuances that are in trend these days, although selecting the best ones is always a personal choice for the majority of brides or couples. However, we must mention that selecting the right type of theme or color scheme for composing the wedding flower bouquets and the décor arrangements must also be made according to the main coordinates of the wedding one is planning, and these are: the season, the theme, the venue and the formality of the wedding. Once you get these things right, you can start planning the colors according to your own preferences and vision of the perfect wedding for you.

If we are to make a list with the most popular types of color trends for modern wedding bouquets today we would mention the following examples: the brown palette – with mocha brown, chocolate brown, beige, cream and coffee brown, the purple palette – with plum, aubergine, violet, mauve or dark purple, the pink palette – with blush pink, corla pink, hot pink, fuchsia, magenta, burgundy and lavender, the blue palette – with sapphire blue, light blue, pale blue, navy blue, turquoise or teal, dark reds, bright yellows and burnt oranges, golds, blacks, silvers and other metallic hues.

One can make stunning combinations using these colors, according to the exact type of wedding she’s planning. However, you should know that both bold and pastel soft shades are in trend today so you are free to choose whatever type of color palette you wish to. It seems that those themes composed of a soft light color and a dynamical vibrant one are the most popular and artistic ones used today in weddings. We invite you to browse for more articles and relevant pictures on different types of colored wedding bouquet themes and subjects on our website.11

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