Cocktail Wedding Dresses Reception

Wedding Dresses | February 25 2019 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

The rage of unique possibilities to dress to a wedding reception party for the female guests is getting wider and wider as more and more interesting and trendy cocktail wedding reception dresses appear on the market. These days you don’t have to search for that same little black style that everyone wore it till now.

Just let go all the old-fashioned styles and search for something more exciting, unusual, non-conventional and attractive that can emphasize more your body figure. No one says that the black dresses aren’t beautiful, sexy and trendy, but there are lots of other interesting and unique colors that can go perfectly with a cocktail wedding reception dress.

Wear something more exotic, extraordinary, contemporary sleek, chic, feminine and colorful for any type of wedding. Just make sure that your wedding attire won’t be too elegant or too simple. Find out what type of wedding it is, how small or big is and the theme is. This way you will be able to find a more matching and assorted cocktail wedding reception dress that can fit the wedding décor and general line.

If you are not so close to the bride or the groom for you to find out easily what kind of wedding it’s going to be, you can tell a few things from the invitations that you receive. If you’ve got invited thorough a phone call or if you received an e-mail wedding invitation then you should definitely dress more casual, comfortable and not so rigorous because it’s not a formal wedding.

But to make sure that you didn’t translated the invitation wrong, find out from a close relative or friend who is going to the wedding. Most women love the idea of wearing a knee-length cocktail wedding reception dress, perhaps a mini cocktail wedding reception dress, or a super short cocktail wedding reception dress. Depending on your body figure you can pink any design and style that suits you best.

Don’t wear a too long dress if it’s not a fairy-tale or a ball themed wedding. Keep it simple, casual, elegant and chic and feel relaxed. When you are purchasing for cocktail wedding reception dresses you may also want to consider the season of the wedding to search for the most suitable fabrics.

For example, if the wedding is going to take place in spring or summer warm season, choose anything like satin, rayon, silk, chiffon, or organza and for an autumnal or winter wedding day or theme you can go with wool, faux fur or velvet. If the wedding occasion is more special for you and you want to look more glamorous, shiny and elegant you can accessorize any simple and casual cocktail wedding reception dress with matching jewels, crystals, diamonds, pearls and beading, rhinestones or gems.11