Classy mermaid wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | November 30 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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All the dresses signed by Simone Carvalli for the newest 2010 bridal collection are incredibly soft, sexy, refined and elegant. In this article we are going to present you a few of the most adorable, delicate and remarkable classy mermaid wedding dresses that you might choose for your hot and trendy wedding. The perfection that transpires from these gowns is in the clean classical lines of the designs. We have never seen before such an amazing mermaid style looking so dainty, chic and classic.

Even the most traditional bride who is planning a classy elegant wedding can opt for one of these splendid dresses. The materials are soft, lustrous, translucent and shiny, perfect for emphasizing sleek feminine silhouettes. We can’t get enough gazing at these wonderful creations made by Simone Carvalli especially for the contemporary bride who still wants the romantic juicy look.

The cuts are dramatic and bold enough to make the dresses stand out, while the lines and the embellishments are subtle, gentle and discreet, in order to provide the bride with a stunning sensual figure. Brides who love the mermaid style but haven’t found yet the right style to choose for the big special wedding can surely select something truly spectacular and one of a kind from this collection.

Besides the fact that these gowns are truly glamorous and elegant, the overall design or the general lines are based on the simplicity of the style. The stitches may be bold and unconventional, but they are also made in a simple, clean discreet way. There is nothing too pompous, elaborated or ostentatious and heavy on the eye at these classy mermaid wedding dresses. Every single line is where is supposed to be and every single detail is planned with maximum cleverness and discretion. The sophistication and perhaps the extravaganza shown in these dresses come precisely from the simplistic design and from the natural soft lines and embroideries.

The pleated style is the most predominant of all and we can see it applied on the neckline in most strapless styles or at the waist and underneath the bust line. The bodices are form fitted, the skirts follow a pick-up style and the embellishments made with crystals or of flower appliqués, all meant to provide the bride with a superb charming diva-like appearance.

The best type of wedding or context where a bride can wear one of these enchanting classy mermaid wedding dresses is the formal or the semi-formal one. It all depends on how fancy and extravagant you want the wedding to be. Nevertheless, we advise you to go a little bit more sophisticated, glamorous and exquisite with the décor arrangements, in order to create the perfect background for your spectacular attire.11

1 Comment

  1. tery

    April 20, 2011 at 10:52 am

    I really fell in love with the first dress from here. It’s a dress that would make me look sensational at my wedding. I know that this style, this line is the one that fits me quite well, since I’ve tried this type of dress already. But I don’t like those types of dresses I’ve seen in shops. So I want to have a wedding dress that is special, unique, exquisite. And I think that this one here, with those cuts and pleats, with the appliques, with the shell-like bodice is the one that I want. I do hope it will make me look good, but such a dress would look good on any bride, I think.

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