Christian Wedding Cake Topper

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Being a Christian doesn’t just mean just going to church once a week then acting just like anybody else having an ordinary life. Christianity it is not just a religion, Christ didn’t died so we can have a religion, He died on the Cross and paid for our sins once and for all so we can have a victorious life and we can have a personal relation with God. Being a Christian means putting God first in everything you do and in every thought. True Christians invite Jesus in everything they do, it is not about rules and regulation, Christian traditions its about knowing Jesus in your heart. Christians know that the first miracle Jesus did was at a wedding in Cana in Galilee. So we see the importance of marriage in Christian life. Start the journey of your married life with Jesus by your side. Show your faith with every detail, even with the cake topper you choose for your wedding cake. I know today many people choose funny cake toppers even crazy or weird cake toppers, but you are not like the rest of the people, you are a Christian, a true Christian not only with the name but if you understand the deeper meaning of that you will choose a cake topper that reflects your faith. Don’t be just ordinary be extraordinary in your faith, someone once told me.

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From just cake toppers you can choose Jesus with children wedding cake toppers, crystal last supper cake topper, Bible with cross wedding cake topper, praying hands topper made from sugar. Humming birds On Cross is a beautiful item made from crystal, gold Cross wedding cake topper, crystal Cross wedding cake topper. Place an angel kneeling with rose on your wedding cake made from porcelain, or a crystal angel. You can also choose a beautiful crystal angel carousel cake topper, or a multicolored frosting angel.

From wedding collectibles you can choose from a large collection of Christian wedding cake toppers. You can choose a beautiful delicate guardian angel near a kneeling wedding couple. Another beautiful cake topper is an open Bible with two doves and starfish.

You can choose the Bible love verse cake topper with pearl heart, or a guardian angel on a wedding bell.

Invite Jesus at your wedding by choose Jesus on the cross wedding cake topper. The topper can be made from crystal, glass, porcelain if you want to keep it all your life, reminding you of the most beautiful day of your life. You can buy the Jesus on the Cross glass cake topper from eBay.

Beautiful Christian wedding cake toppers you can find on Amazon website. The cake toppers can be customized.

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You can choose an elegant fine porcelain Bible cake topper that has on it a beautiful pink rose and a pair of wedding rings accented with 24K gold. The inscription on the topper says: ”Love…Bears all things Believes all things Hopes all things Endures all things…”.11

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