Choosing the bridesmaid dresses pattern

Wedding Dresses | March 19 2019 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

When the time of the dresses selection for the wedding comes lots of difficulties interfere. It is no just the bride looking after her wedding gown style, but about finding the bridesmaid dresses that have to come on the one side as a completion to her image, on the other side as a matching item for each and every maid of honor personal style.
Choosing the bridesmaid dresses pattern has in the first place lost of references. If it is to count the bride’s interest on regards of having these dresses suitable for the decor and whole wedding concept the pattern will be all about the formal style or informal according to the event type, then colored as the wedding colors and with a cut that comes not as a dull image but nor as a too shrill one to attract the eyes on them and put shadow on the bridal moment of appearance.

Going further, the bride would like to have one single pattern for al the bridesmaids. This is how she can complete her fairy tale decor and have the traditional wedding about this part, with the bunch girls dressed alike. Not to mention that has to be after all something not too pretentious and complicated as it will cost more.

On the other side there are the maids of honors, after all the ones that have to accept the bride’s imposing outfit. Not only this but they have to make it that way as the dresses to look on them gorgeous, with accent on their beauty and silhouette, even though they do not have a word in choosing the bridesmaid dresses pattern.

What a bridesmaid would want? In the first place counting the importance of this event they agree with the bride and please her with everything decided. But a little bit of compassion will not harm, as they being in the middle of attention and making the appearance before the bride the same sense of perfection and impeccable look is wanted. The pattern of the dress should come in their advantage so to bring in the front line their best cards. For example, for a plump person the bride cannot choose and impose the same straight tight dress and put this maid of honor in the posture of revealing its cellulite.

Better and easier: chose something simple as later further adjustments and extra details can be added and made. Simpler is more elegant and will put more accent on the natural beauty, not on the design of the dress. If not, let them choose their own patterns, with fewer specifications coming from you. Impose just a color, just some directions for example about the length but let them custom make the gowns.  In this way you gain much more: not only a surprisingly view of many models of the bridesmaids’ dresses but them happy and looking amazing and you with less stress about this part.11

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