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Wedding Dresses | September 10 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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In case you are looking for something more exotic or unique cultural inspired perhaps you might be interested in viewing these lovely NE•Tiger wedding dresses pictured below in this article. These fabulous creations are inspired by the Chinese style and are made o fit and flatter any bride who wants the haute couture look for the wedding day.

This designer is one of the most famous and appreciated fashion stylists in China who is a genius when it comes to creating magnificent fashion-forwards gowns and wedding dresses for modern independent women interested in keeping the pace with the latest tendencies and trends in Chinese fashion.

We find these one-of-a-kind NE•Tiger wedding dresses totally classy, refined and elegant, although we must admit that the designs and the cuts are a little bit dramatic, bold and unconventional. Perhaps not all brides will fall in love with these splendid creations, but those who are willing to assume and adopt a totally new style for the big day will definitely appreciate our effort in this regard. NE•Tiger bridal house manages to create wonderful gowns that can flatter and win the heart of even the most unimpressive woman.

The dresses presented on this page belong to a recent 2010 spring collection and they are all inspired by the western culture. Therefore, if you’re not from China but you’re interested in wearing something artistic or western-inspired now it’s the best time to follow your dream and fulfill it through one of these phenomenal NE•Tiger wedding dresses.

You will be able to find lots of colorful dresses signed by this designer in this magical collection, where each piece incorporates at least one of China’s first five colors: red, black, yellow, blue and green. Each nuance represents something in the Chinese culture and these significations have been kept as essential values and principles for a very long time.

Nevertheless, perhaps you won’t have the guts to opt for a vibrantly colored NE•Tiger wedding dress, but we are convinced that you will like these gorgeous white gowns. These masterpieces are made of sleek light-weight fabrics, just to be belt to provide the bride with a more comfortable sensation during all the ceremonies and with a sleek refined enviable silhouette.

The modern pleated style is used in big doses in these creations. It can be seen all over the dresses in diverse shapes and directions: diagonal, vertical, horizontal. The embroideries are extremely subtle, discreet and soft, perfect for offering the bride a nice cozy sensual and feminine feel and look. The necklines are original and artistic, far from looking plain or predictable although they feature a simplistic clean design: one shoulder strap necklines and cap sleeve square necks are only a few examples of this designer’s original style.11

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  1. Rada

    April 28, 2011 at 8:47 am

    i wish i were so petite so i can be able to wear such a beautiful and feminine dress. But I’m not and the fragility of these dresses can only look good on fragile silhouettes. But now I am looking for such a dress with and for my sister. When I have a little bit of time I try to help her. I know already that she likes this designer’s style, from the other articles you have on him. But I think that these one here are a little bit different and they are the type that would fit my sister more. She is so delicate and such a child sometimes I think only one of these ere could make her look really beautiful.

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