Channel Your Inner Goddess with Metallic Wedding Details

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Channel Your Inner Goddess with Metallic Wedding Details

This season brought us exciting wedding trends, making metallic tones the new greatest hit. From silver and gold (especially rose gold) to bronze and copper – these details will add the much-needed glamour to your wedding style. The key is in the balanced look: even though weddings imply gala wear, you don’t want to go over the top with this metallic trend and risk distasteful style. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate these dazzling details into your wedding look without crossing the line of good taste.


Combine sequins with metallic tones

Sequins are trending big time, so you can combine them with your favorite metallic tones. However, be cautious: when it comes to sequins – it can be a slippery slope. If you wish to go all in and wear a sequin wedding dress, make sure the sequins are really tiny so they create a stunning and classy look when they reflect light. Maxi gowns are the way to go, but do avoid dresses that are too tight – you don’t want to create a cheap Las Vegas look.


Moderation is the key: consider the beautiful mermaid-like dresses in gold, copper and rose gold tones. If you wish to experiment, try other shiny materials in metallic tones combined with different dress cuts: some of them reminiscence a vintage style, such as these light fabric golden dresses with elements similar to the Jazz-age fashion of the 20’. If you prefer silver, maxi dresses with reflecting elements are an absolute hit: because of the silver metallic tone, they cause stunning sparkling similar to ice frosting.

Choose shoes with metallic details

Choosing the right shoes for the wedding can mean a difference between a casual look and the glamorous one. There is a wide range of wedding shoes you can choose from in order to create a sophisticated look.


If you’re not too keen on experimenting but wish to follow the metallic trend, stick with champagne toned shoes that have golden or rose golden shiny details. That way, you’ll create a vintage-like style that is definitely in. Try combining creamy tones with gold, rose gold, bronze or copper, as white goes best with silver details.

Accessorize for the luxurious look

In order to complete your wedding outfit, accessorize with various metallic details. Think simple clutch that has golden elements or lace in some other metallic tone. Enrich your hairstyle with vintage hair pins with embedded pearls, lace, sequins and copper flowers.


Take your time when picking the right jewelry. Weddings give you a great opportunity to pull off the romantic style. Try putting an appropriate wedding belt. If you love flower motifs, choose a simple silk belt with details of leaves and flowers that have just the right amount of sparkles. Make sure its color and style match the rest of your outfit.

This metallic wedding trend is huge: even wedding cakes are adopting this refined style! Wedding décor doesn’t fall behind: from metallic candlesticks, napkins with metallic details, table runners, to flowers and other decorations. Embrace this wedding trend and shine on!

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Channel Your Inner Goddess with Metallic Wedding Details

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