Champagne Wedding Invitations

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Color and texture are the main things that you need to take into account if you want simple and classical invites. The colors of your invitations must be in accordance with the theme of your wedding. This means that you could also incorporate some seasonal colors. For a fall wedding choose some orange and gold tones, for a spring and summer one go for more colored and bold colors and so on. An elegant wedding implies some elegant and pastel shades as well. Beige or champagne tones are idea for this kind of wedding concept. The colored can be either accentuated by other tones like red or gold or you can opt for a simple champagne wedding invite. There are various patterns and models which you can also include.

Champagne Wedding Invitations (Source:

Champagne Wedding Invitations (Source:

Floral patterns such as calla lily, roses and so on may be the background for your invitations. You may also choose some celestial ones or some interesting design ones. The texture of the invitation can be a matter or a shinny one. There are models which you can browse or talk your options with a specialists. The wording should also be formal or you can go for a more casual one if you wish. There are texts such as poems and shorts stories which you might use as your introduction.

Champagne Wedding Invitations (Source:

Champagne Wedding Invitations (Source:

Don’t forget about the etiquette when it comes to addressing. You need to respect your guests and always use “Mrs.” and “ Ms.” where needed. The hour, location and date of the reception should also be stated in the invites. Usually couples prefer to include a reply card where the guests can either decline or accept the invitation.


To make the invite look more polished and classy add a colored bow in the middle to accentuate the champagne colored invite. Use an orange or a red silk ribbon. It would make a very lovely detail. The invites have different prices and they all depend on where you buy them from and what models you choose. Some can be very complex and elaborate designs while others are simple yet elegant.


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