Centerpiece Made Of Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors are a way to show the guests how thankful you are for the fact that they have been with you all throughout the ceremony and reception. These are small gifts which can be a symbol of your theme or any other elements that reflect your wedding concept. You can find plenty of unique looking candles, sweets, skincare items, key chains, jewelry and many other items in all kinds of stores. Just figure out which of these elements best represent your wedding theme. For a fall concept, you can use some cupcakes shaped like pumpkins. These delicious edibles could also be used as centerpieces which is something that most couples go for.

They can be displayed on gold trays or on some rustic platters. You can do the same with some vintage inspired picture frames. They can be wooden ones or a brushed gold color. Add them on the tables and then at the end of the night the guests can take home these thank you gifts. For a beach wedding idea, you can use some shells shaped candles to decorate the tables. These candles could be white, blue or they can be a bigger size. If you want to decorate the tables by using an engraved candle you can also do that.

Centerpiece Made Of Wedding Favors

Centerpiece Made Of Wedding Favors (Photo by: Janelle Dedini)

This would even give these decorations a more personalized note and the guests will be able to remember your wedding even better. There are plenty of other items you can include in the table d├ęcor. Sweets are a great choice. They can be chocolate figurines, pralines, candy, lollipop bouquets, candy canes and many other fun candies. Add as much color as you want to these arrangements and make them as unique as you can. Remember that once the reception is over the guests will be taking these decorations home. Choose these favors and centerpieces at the same time based on your wedding finances and think of the theme you want to represent with the help of these symbols. This will help you decide and figure out which is the best choice.


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