Celtic Wedding Las Vegas

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In Las Vegas everything is possible. And no matter what kind of wedding you want, it can be done. And when it comes to weddings what happens in Vegas, should not stay in Vegas. In this city hundreds of couples come every year to get married and they can plan whatever type pf wedding they want to have.
If you get married in Las Vegas, it does not mean that you have to put behind your heritage or your individuality, it just means that you can have the event you like according to your tastes, but adapted to the whole Las Vegas wedding concept. And this sounds just too good.

So, if you want to have a Celtic wedding in Las Vegas you can have it done very easy. A traditional Celtic Wedding ceremony can be a simple, but yet a very beautiful event, but it can also be a big wedding. And after all it does not matter that much is you have a Celtic heritage or not, you might just like the ceremony and want a similar one. So, in order to understand how can a Celtic wedding in Las Vegas be planned you need first to know who were the Celts and what specific elements characterizes them.

There are many traditions and many elements that characterize the Celts. They were original form Central Europe and Celtic myths evoke a mysterious universe that speaks the secret language of the Druids, it believes in battles between mythical animals, but also in the fatality of love. The values of this universe are righteousness and courage but humor should not be forgot either. Some of there elements can be noticed in the wedding ceremony that Celts have.

A Celtic wedding is a simple one. The ceremony must be an outdoor one, so the nature could bless the union between the bride and the groom. Nature was very important to the Celts. They believed that the soul exists both inside and outside of the individual. The soul can find its expression in the trees, rocks, water or sun. The man and the nature that surrounds him are interconnected, because the soul is spiritually connected to the earth.

The belief in marriage says that when two souls unite, their strength is twice as large and the difficulties they face are half easier. Marriage was seen as an institution that can not be fixed easily. This is the union of two souls, two hearts and two minds. Modern couples can today use some of the rituals, traditions and beliefs of the Celts and incorporate them in their wedding ceremony and they can have a Celtic wedding theme if they are in Las Vegas, but also in any other city in the world11

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