Celebrity Wedding Budgets

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After getting an idea on the themes and the latest trends from the celebrity wedding news, let us have a look at the money our favorite celebrities spend on their wedding. Here again, we are not revealing the names. Just giving you some idea, so that you can have your own budget planned.

1. The famous floral designer of the place was hired by a celebrity to manage their wedding at a fee of $ 100,000. No wonder this caught the eyes of the media. For a typical American wedding this roams around just $ 26,000.

2. In another occasion the necklace of the celebrity bride, stud with costly stones had a price tag of $ 12,000. Don’t get disheartened. You can get a look alike from a professional designer for just $ 150.

3. $ 10,000 a day for a suite in one of the famous palace hotel in India has been in recent wedding news when the hotel witnessed the wedding of another celebrity pair.

Celebrity Wedding Budgets

Don’t get it wrong. The celebrities not only spend such huge amounts in their wedding, they also get paid for giving excusive coverage and sale of wedding photos.

1. One celebrity wedding coverage right was bought by a leading magazine for $ 100,000. Just hold on! The couple later on donated the amount to AIDS research.

2. Another couple was not willing to give any exclusive rights. Instead they were willing to sell their wedding photographs to whoever willing to pay $ 1600 for the same. The amount was later donated to the charity.

While browsing through the wedding news of  celebrity weddings, please do spend some valuable time on the money spent. Will help you later on.

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