Princess Wedding Dress

26 June 2019 0 Comments

All girls and women have once dreamt of their wedding. Most of them wished on having a puffy princess style wedding gown in a bright white that would make them look even more than fabulous. The times have changed but the wishes of most future brides have not. The dress is now as well a […]

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Spanish Wedding Gowns

25 June 2019 1 Comment

If you want a Spanish wedding theme you should search and find out much about Spanish weddings but maybe the following information and advices, will help. When it comes about the weddings, the Spanish traditions are very elaborate in terms of wedding dresses,practice, etc.. The traditional color for the wedding gown is black with a […]

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Sincerity Bridal Wedding Dresses

22 June 2019 1 Comment

This collection we’re presenting here features lots of sleek and elegant wedding dresses created for the contemporary brides who want something apparently simpler and clean for their wedding. And we said “apparently” simple because they gowns are more exquisite than they seem at a first glance.        We suggest you zoom in on […]

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Wide waist band wedding dresses Miami

21 June 2019 1 Comment

The choices in both modern and vintage style wedding dresses are infinite more today than they ever were before. The contemporary bride-to-be is free to choose from a myriad of conventional and unconventional styles, glamorous and simple styles, natural and extravagant styles, formal and casual styles. But since the palette of options is so large […]

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Designer Wedding Dresses

20 June 2019 1 Comment

Today’s bridal wears are too fashionable, too traditional, too extravagant, either too simple. There are so many features for the 2010 wedding dress that any design is to be different. The traditional wedding dress that brides from all over the world used to dream of is quite an old-fashion subject for modern women. But still, […]

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Art Deco Bridesmaid Dresses

18 June 2019 0 Comments

Above everything that a wedding means, the essence of this unique and so important event in one’s life it represents a method to flabbergast. It is the opulence that must stand out and, remarkable details, shrill look in some cases just to have one of a kind wedding. Original is each and everyone with its […]

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Kate Middleton Wedding Dresses

17 June 2019 0 Comments

The royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William cause a lot of frenzy among us all. Everybody was eager to see what the Duchess will wear on her big day. Her fashionable style left no clues about the type of gown she will choose for her ceremony. But no one really expected her to […]

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Stalo Theodorou 2011 Wedding Dresses

16 June 2019 1 Comment

We are back with the other part of the gorgeous bridal collection signed by Stalo Thedorou for 2011 hopefully the designs we picked for this post will to make many brides happy. We personally love this collection and we recommend it to all contemporary brides who care for something sophisticated, figure-flattering and luxurious for their […]

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Hippie Style Wedding Dresses

15 June 2019 2 Comments

If you like to dress up in loose cloths and wear bold accessories in your everyday life, then you’re surely a hippie person. This means that you will be a beautiful hippie bride! Wedding specialists advise the modern brides to keep up with their everyday look and choose a wedding outfit that flatters their personality. […]

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Kathy Ireland Wedding Dresses II

14 June 2019 0 Comments

We are happy and excited to present you more of the delicate and romantic Kathy Ireland wedding dresses by 2Be on our website hopefully the styles we’ve selected for this article will be just as flattering and inspiring as the other ones presented already in our previous article.   We love the original and refined […]

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Joe Challita Wedding Dresses

13 June 2019 0 Comments

In this article we are going to offer you a few examples of vanguardist haute couture wedding dresses designed by Joe Challita for a spectacular 2011 bridal collection that we recommend especially to the off the beat modern brides who want to wear something eccentric and out of the ordinary on their wedding day.   […]

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Pronovias – Costura Collection Wedding Dresses

10 June 2019 2 Comments

We are here to present you a few sensational and impressive wedding gowns created by Pronovias for one of their marvelous 2012 collection called “Costura” that we get the chance to see in advance.   So this is a quick preview of what is there to be found and we are pretty sure that many […]

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1920 Wedding Dresses

08 June 2019 0 Comments

The amazing gowns we’re showing today are from Elihav Sasson – one of or favorite designers of couture wedding dresses. This young designer is not only talented but gifted with a unique vision. Her gowns are real works of art and hard to match. We confess we’ve never seen such precision of cut and refinement […]

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Non White Wedding Gowns

07 June 2019 0 Comments

The wedding dress was not always white. The tradition of white dress is accredited to Queen Victoria’s choice to wear a white wedding gown in 1840 at her wedding. White wedding dress became the symbol of purity, but until that time bleu was considered the color of purity. Even today it is traditional to wear […]

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Svetlana Lyalina Wedding Dresses

07 June 2019 4 Comments

It’s been a while since we haven’t seen such spectacular and impressive haute couture wedding dresses created by a couturier as we do now in Svetlana Lyalina’s gorgeous 2011 bridal collection from which we’re presenting you these ravishing models on this page below.   We are simply fascinated and mesmerized with this designer’s original dress […]

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Sweetheart trumpet wedding dresses Miami

05 June 2019 1 Comment

Brides-to-be who have always dreamt of wearing a more attractive, sexy and unconventional wedding dress on the big day perhaps these images with splendid and harming sweetheart trumpet wedding dresses will help you figure out a better look. We adore the way the romantic timeless sweetheart neckline combines with the trumpet style into a very […]

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Inmaculada Garcia 2011 Wedding Dresses

05 June 2019 0 Comments

We have a few charming dress samples from the newest bridal collections released by Inmaculada Garcia for 2011 to show to those who are fans of this designer’s original style or just love the Spanish couture. We personally love this couturier’s creations and her collections are among our favorites.    If we are to define […]

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Illi Tulle wedding dresses

03 June 2019 1 Comment

Brides who always wanted to wear an elegant couture wedding dress has the chance to fulfill her dream with these fascinating and charming creations made by Illi Tulle for 2010 bridal collection. These pieces are surely adorable, enchanting, unique and playful! Besides the fact that the lines and the cuts are so asymmetrical, courageous and […]

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