Centerpieces Candles Wedding Reception Flowers

03 August 2009 0 Comments

Having a date with your lover in the coziness of your home, you have always planned it to be made with some candles arrangements set on the table when you both have dinner, for after that to turn the lights off and let the flickering flame of the candles be the only source of light […]

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Scottish Wedding Flowers

31 July 2009 0 Comments

Wedding flowers whatever you see them, have to be somehow connected to each other, either being part of a bridal bouquet or buttonhole decoration or table arrangements. Some couples choose also the option of traditional flowers that are known to bear special symbols for the occasion, therefore flowers to reflect love, stability, commitment, trustfulness, and […]

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Pink Wedding Flowers

31 July 2009 1 Comment

Connecting pink as a color to what a flower stands for, it sounds like the best combination someone can find ever find; this is because pink carries within the meaning of happiness and youth, and the definition of flower is related to freshness, happiness and purity. Because of the red mixed with white in its […]

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African Wedding Flowers

29 July 2009 0 Comments

African weddings were known to carry a lot of rituals that were performed way before a wedding took place and during a wedding celebration as well. These rituals may still be displayed in the regions that few modern living means have penetrated, but in a modern African society the old rituals have lost their power […]

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