Roses and stephanotis wedding bouquets

20 April 2019 0 Comments

In case you are looking for a truly one of a kind wedding bouquet and unseen in many weddings before, we recommend you to go with stephanotis and roses. This innocent combination can bring out the best of a bridal bouquet and captivate even more admiring glances than a predictable modern orchid or calla lily […]

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Pink, yellow and white mixed wedding bouquets

16 April 2019 0 Comments

The spring and the summer seasons are the most beautiful and romantic times of the year for a couple to get married. The colors are fresh, natural and vibrant and the decors or the arrangements that can be made using fresh real flowers can be spectacular and unforgettable romantic.   Brides are the happiest ones […]

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Autumn Flowers For Wedding

15 April 2019 0 Comments

Flowers have always been a big part of each wedding. All brides struggle to find the most beautiful, flagrant and elaborate blossoms to decorate the church and reception hall, as well as the wedding cake. Regardless the season or wedding location, floral arrangements have the power to embellish the settings and create a pleasant and […]

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Bridal Bouquet Wedding

13 April 2019 0 Comments

Since the vast majority of the modern brides are only attracted to everything that can make them look unique, special and outstanding from the rest of the brides, we thought that giving you a few suggestions in unique bridal wedding bouquets might help you make the right decision in this field. The bridal bouquet has […]

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Sunny yellow wedding flower centerpieces New York

12 April 2019 0 Comments

Are you planning a sunny Sunday beautiful wedding and you haven’t found yet the right color to complement your vision of the ideal wedding atmosphere and décor? Well, here are a few ideas. In this article you are going to find more about yellow wedding flowers and how you can use this lovely shiny color […]

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Unconventional Wedding Bouquets

09 April 2019 1 Comment

Now that weddings have become such exuberant, glamorous and fashionable events where every single item is meant to express the uniqueness of the bride’s or of the couple’s personality, we though to present you a more impressive and bold type of wedding bouquet that off the beat brides-to-be might find it attractive or adequate for […]

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Best Flowers For April Wedding

08 April 2019 0 Comments

What better time of year to get married than a superb enchanting spring month? If you’re afraid that A March day might be a bit too cold for your personal preference, you can easily choose the April month! Not too chilly and not too hot and burning, an April day can make the most wonderful […]

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Fashionable Wedding Bouquets

06 April 2019 4 Comments

Going fashionable on the wedding is not something hard to obtain but something hard to choose because the ideas and the ways of getting there are various and all unique. Most brides think that planning the wedding dress is the most difficult thing that they have to go through for obtaining the look of their […]

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Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

04 April 2019 0 Comments

If you’re still searching for the most elegant and stylish type of flower to use in your bridal bouquet and perhaps in your wedding décor arrangements, perhaps you should stop at calla lily. And we picked these calla lily wedding bouquets for this article because we want to give you a few examples of beautiful […]

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Tulip Wedding Bouquets

30 March 2019 0 Comments

No one can deny the fact that among the most beautiful flowers for a wedding we can number tulips. These assortments are ideal for brides and a wedding’s adornment because they are so soft and elegant. They can effortlessly create a dainty arrangement that can suit both a formal and casual wedding. But as in […]

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Mixed flowers wedding bouquets

17 March 2019 0 Comments

The way a bride perceives her wedding bouquet can differ from case to case, from wedding to wedding. We must never expect for all the brides to think the same about flowers, colors and bouquet shapes or styles because each bride in part, as each flower in part and wedding in part are different and […]

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Wedding Bouquet Red Roses

13 March 2019 0 Comments

When it comes to your wedding you should know that there are so many things that must be properly chosen and you should focus on your outfit if you really want to look and to feel amazing on your magic day. Try to discuss with a fashion designer if you have the possibility and ask […]

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Wedding Flower Arrangement

08 March 2019 0 Comments

The floral arrangements are very important for a wedding because they have the role to improve the aspect of its locations and because they can transform even an ordinary place into a romantic and suitable one for a sophisticated event. Even if you can’t afford to organize your wedding in a very expensive and special […]

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Wedding Bouquets With Pink Roses

05 March 2019 0 Comments

Are you feeling like a very romantic bride? If so, then a bouquet filled with pink roses would surely fit you, don’t you think? If you’re not sure about this, take a look at these amazing pictures and see whether you find this style adequate for the type of wedding and look you’re planning. Pink […]

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Vintage wedding bouquets

26 February 2019 0 Comments

The chances of making your bridal look totally unique, outstanding, one of a kind and more precious and special are so high right now. The modern era has brought with it more and more options to explore in wedding dresses wedding cakes and wedding flower bouquets. But no other style can compare to the splendor, […]

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Blue And White Wedding Bouquet

23 February 2019 0 Comments

Every bride-to-be is looking for the most elegant, romantic, fancy and stylish wedding bouquet, that can complement her bridal look in a very unique and adorable way. More and more modern brides seem to pay attention to the meanings and signification of the types of flowers they choose for the wedding bouquets to obtain a […]

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Pool Blue Wedding Flowers

22 February 2019 0 Comments

A pool wedding theme is a daring one, out of the ordinary. And so wedding flowers should be, as they reflect not only grooms’ preferences regarding colors but suggests also the wedding theme and style. To start with, pool wedding flowers lead you to one thought: blue color. Most of the decorations including your wedding […]

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Black And White Wedding Centerpieces With Flowers

20 February 2019 0 Comments

Although weddings which are planned around a combination of colors like white and black can be a little too sober or too stiff, they can also be extremely elegant and very attractive. The most important thing you should do is choose the right things for the wedding. There are many ideas out there which you […]

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