Meaningful Wedding Bouquet

24 June 2019 0 Comments

When purchasing for wedding flowers, brides have to consider several aspects to make sure that they choose right and as wisely as possible. Besides the fact that you have to pay attention to the colors, shapes, fragrance and size of the wedding flowers you choose to create your bridal bouquet and the rest of the […]

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Wedding Flowers: Blue And Green

22 June 2019 0 Comments

One of our favorite color combinations for weddings is green & blue. Fresh, invigorating and relaxing, this color-scheme is great for outdoors weddings or for cheerful events planned with a natural style. Any contemporary couple can opt for this theme because it is modern and trendy and it is impossible to fail using it with […]

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Silk Wedding Bouquets

14 June 2019 0 Comments

A perfect wedding outfit must contain a beautiful wedding dress and some suitable accessories. The wedding shoes are very important, especially if you have a short dress which allows you to show your legs and your shoes. The jewelries are also important if you want to have a feminine and delicate aspect and to bring […]

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Wedding Chair Flowers

13 June 2019 1 Comment

Preparing for a beautiful outdoor wedding? Everything has to look refreshing and most of all, seasonal! For a spring wedding day in a garden, a backyard, park, tree, on a field, mountain, hill or on a beach, you have to make sure that the reception is all decorated properly. We are going to give you […]

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Wedding Bouquet Flowers

12 June 2019 0 Comments

Wedding bouquets are important elements that can complement the look both for the brides and bridesmaids. The bridal bouquets with all other forms used in the wedding ceremony originate way back in the era of ancient Greece where brides used flowers that had fragrance and herbs to chase the evil spirits away. The way nowadays […]

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Royal Blue Wedding Bouquets

09 June 2019 0 Comments

Selecting a beautiful theme for the wedding is a must do for many couples. In most cases, the theme is inspired by a couple’s favorite color or color mix. It seems easier to work with a color theme than with an object or motif. Color plays a significant role in the entire wedding as it […]

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Wedding Rehearsal Bouquet

08 June 2019 0 Comments

The big day is coming. All the tasks are accomplished: the wedding gown waits to be worn along with the wedding bouquet. And to make the things right the grooms prepare themselves from all points of view: emotionally because it is the start from a new life, the wedded life. Consequently, comes the rehearsal day. […]

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Wedding Paper Flowers

27 May 2019 0 Comments

This modern century has brought us many trends and unusual styles in weddings. For example, the traditional bridal bouquet made out from any type of seasonal flowers is now quite old-fashioned. Any flower bouquet is actually another usual style among other unique and original bridal bouquet styles. For example, wedding paper flowers are the most […]

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Fresh Wedding Floral Arrangements

25 May 2019 0 Comments

This article can be interesting for all brides of today who are thinking of spending the wedding day outside the doors, in a more relaxing and cozy location. There are so many beautiful wedding venues that you can find in the middle of the nature to plan the ceremony and the reception!   You don’t […]

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Garden Yellow Wedding Flowers

21 May 2019 0 Comments

Yellow is the color of happiness and it can fit perfectly a cheerful wedding planned outside the doors. We picked this theme for this article because we wanted to show you a few beautiful images of garden yellow wedding flower arrangements. You can select or get inspired from these gorgeous designs something that can fit […]

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Fall Wedding Flower Arrangements

21 May 2019 0 Comments

Nowadays more and more couples are willing to change perspectives and try new things when it comes to weddings. Well, especially modern brides and grooms who understood that going traditional, popular or predictable is not a very inspired thing to do because the options are more limited. In this article we are going to talk […]

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Techniques Of Preserving Wedding Flowers

20 May 2019 0 Comments

Many couples are getting very attached to the wedding bouquet and they want to preserve the flowers as much as possible. There are several techniques of preserving wedding flowers you can easily follow and make sure you will have them as a keepsake of your wedding. You can use certain materials and substances and make […]

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Red crystal wedding bouquet accents

19 May 2019 0 Comments

There is a very interesting trend this year with beaded wedding bouquets or with jewelry for wedding bouquets that more and more modern brides are choosing to make their look even more spectacular, outstanding and glamorous. The first need of a contemporary bride is to look as unique, fancy and brilliant as possible on the […]

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Autumn Wedding Flowers (1)

18 May 2019 0 Comments

Autumn is a very special season and a very romantic one. If you decide to organize your wedding on autumn then you have to know that you have made the correct choice. You have to take care to choose a sunny day for your wedding and you can be sure that you are going to […]

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Summer Wedding Flower Centerpieces

18 May 2019 1 Comment

Are you planning a superb wedding this summer and haven’t found yet the right theme, color palettes, flowers and accessories to use in your wedding flower centerpieces and décor arrangements? Well, we invite you to take a closer look at these delightful summer wedding flower centerpieces that we’ve posted below on this page and see […]

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Cheap Wedding Boquets

13 May 2019 0 Comments

Any bride is interested to save some money for the wedding budget through some innovative and efficient methods, tricks or tips. There are a couple of aspects of the wedding where you can interfere to cut the expenses. One of them is the wedding bouquet. Whether you decide to make your own cheap wedding bouquets, […]

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Rustic Beach Wedding Flower Arrangements

12 May 2019 0 Comments

The lucky brides who are planning a romantic escapade on a beach, island or coast will surely be glad to see these gorgeous rustic beach wedding flower arrangements that we’ve posted below on this page. It seems like a great idea to combine the exotic vibrancy of the seaside or of the beach with the […]

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Wedding Flowers Packages

09 May 2019 0 Comments

Each woman dreams to have a perfect wedding and to look amazing wearing her gorgeous wedding dress and accessories. If you want to look like a true princess then you should not neglect the importance of the wedding bouquet and you should do your best to choose it properly. It is important to find a […]

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