Gothic Love Wedding Cakes

26 June 2015 1 Comment

Planning to have a gothic theme for your wedding ceremony requires a lot of research both for the location and atmosphere. The latter includes dresses, flower decorations, wedding invitations, music and last but not least the table setting with its wedding cake. The gothic theme is a demanding one, since there are nowadays trends in […]

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Muslim Wedding Cakes

21 April 2015 2 Comments

Muslim people consider marriage as one of the most virtuous institutions, its importance receiving great emphasis in Qur’an and Sunna. In these Muslim ‘Bibles’ Allah says that marriage is about love, affection, peace of mind, inducing in men and women’s heart a longing for the opposite sex. It is said that marriage can bring spiritual […]

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7 Foods You Absolutely MUST Avoid Before The Wedding

21 April 2015 1 Comment

Your wedding is almost here and you’re done preparing everything you had to prepare. The last days right before the wedding are fit for relaxation to prepare for the emotions that are coming together with the big day. You mustn’t forget to eat properly but you need to be careful with certain foods that might […]

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Decorate Wedding Cakes

02 March 2015 0 Comments

Weddings are part of our lives that require time, money and a lot of commitment. If you don’t want to see your wedding event as a burden on your shoulder, you’d better consider to hire a wedding planner that can take all the work away and you will be left only with the feeling that […]

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Unusual wedding food ideas

28 November 2014 0 Comments

We’re all used to having cupcakes, fruits and steak at a wedding, but how would we react if we came across a menu rather unusual? Brides have shown plenty of imagination, from shark meat to hot goulash, but we want to give you some other unique wedding food ideas, very simple to make. Who knows, […]

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5 hot beverages for a cold winter day

27 November 2014 0 Comments

Sorry for all those “drowned” last week in one of the heaviest snowfalls ever, you sure could use some hot beverages to keep you strong during the winter. Here are five basic hot beverages: 1. Tea Tea is one of the best options for a cold winter day. You can opt for a cup of […]

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Inexpensive Wedding Cakes

07 November 2014 1 Comment

Weddings. What can be there the most exciting event to come in a life of a couple if not the event of getting married? Setting out for the most important day of your life is a step that wedding couple needs to take with at least 4 months previous to the established wedding day.  This […]

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6 Foods and Drinks to avoid at the Wedding Reception

30 September 2014 1 Comment

Food is a big part of any wedding. You can leave aside the flowers and you can turn down the music, but people will still want to eat at some point. And just as every other aspect related to the wedding day, the food that will be served at the reception needs to be carefully […]

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Here’s what you shouldn’t eat (or drink) before your wedding

10 September 2014 0 Comments

We know that some brides might argue with us on this one, as their wedding day is all about them being spoiled, but you should not eat just anything before the wedding. You don’t want to end up bloated or with a huge stomach ache just as you are getting ready to walk down the […]

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History Of The Mexican Wedding Cakes

09 September 2014 0 Comments

Mexico is a country located in Middle America, that has 2 of the borders to Caribbean Sea and North Pacific, due to this fact Mexico offers nice beach locations for couples to choose in order to celebrate their weddings. The wedding ceremonies combine the style of the traditional with those of modern Western cultural models. […]

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Beach Wedding Cake Ideas

22 August 2014 0 Comments

Beach wedding is a very romantic theme, but must be carefully planned, step by step. Every aspect of the ceremony should be well thought out, starting with the dress and ending with the cake. Here are some beach wedding cake ideas. One of the favorite elements on beach weddings is shells. They can be easily […]

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5 Cocktails for Summer Weddings

12 August 2014 0 Comments

Inspiration needed for your summer wedding drinks? We’ve been searching for the most refreshing cocktails and we chose the following five to help us beat the heat. They are more or less classic, but they all contain fruit juice. Enjoy!

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Valentine Day Wedding Cakes

14 April 2014 0 Comments

It is in the Rome of the 5th Century that we date back the name of a celebration called Valentine’s day. It came throughout the February festival of worshipping God of fertility and celebrating the sensual pleasure. That was the time when couples could meet their soul mate and because of this fact people needed […]

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Seahorse Wedding Cakes

04 April 2014 4 Comments

Everything that comes in relation to a wedding ceremony has to carry details or images or figures that have symbolic meanings. Starting with weeding gowns colors, to flowers types, to decorations, to cakes, invitations, all these need to bear a seed of a symbol that connects them to the event itself. Wedding couples use the […]

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Flowers In Wedding Cakes

01 April 2014 0 Comments

We can say about a cake that it is finished after we enhance its edible value by covering it with frosting, icing or toppings. And not only its edible value is enhanced but also the way it looks in the eyes of the people that are meant to eat it. There are so many processes […]

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Blue Wedding Cakes

07 March 2014 0 Comments

When it comes to wedding cakes and what are the best or the right colors for a wedding day, no one seems to argue anymore that nay color is suitable as long as it is properly integrated in the context, the general line, theme and décor of the wedding The questions that modern couples are […]

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Best place to buy best wedding cakes

02 March 2014 0 Comments

When you choose to make the greatest step in your life, you have a  lot of details to set up. If you are wondering, where the best place  to buy the best wedding cake in town is, the answer is: online.   Online shopping gives you a lot of possibilities: you can shop  whenever you […]

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Bakeries That Do Wedding Cakes In Canton Mi

02 March 2014 0 Comments

Are you planning your wedding in Canton? Canton offers a lot of options if you are planning your wedding here, you can find anything you need for having the wedding of your dreams. The wedding cake is the last important element in every wedding and will grab all the attention. There are many bakeries and […]

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