Pictures Of Renaissance Wedding Dresses

05 December 2019 2 Comments

The Renaissance bridal customs have their origin in the Middle Ages. As the foreign trade increased it brought new ideas in fashion and costumes as well. This aspect reflected the advancing culture while more clothing materials became available. Some of the fabrics bore the print of the nobility since only the upper classes reserved silk, […]

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Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Bridal Collection

02 December 2019 0 Comments

The newest Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Bridal Collection that these talented designers released for this year is just as many of those who are familiarized with their style expected to be: dramatic, sophisticated and voluptuous.   These superb gowns that we’re presenting here are not very different from the ones that we found in the […]

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Golf Cart Wedding Cake Topper

30 November 2019 0 Comments

If in the past almost all the wedding cakes were the same, white round cakes with three four layers with almost the same filling, flavors and frosting, now you have a wide variety to choose from. The wedding cake topper was considered an insignificant detail, there wasn't a large variety to choose from, only the […]

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Muslim Wedding Cakes

29 November 2019 2 Comments

Muslim people consider marriage as one of the most virtuous institutions, its importance receiving great emphasis in Qur’an and Sunna. In these Muslim ‘Bibles’ Allah says that marriage is about love, affection, peace of mind, inducing in men and women’s heart a longing for the opposite sex. It is said that marriage can bring spiritual […]

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Unique 18th Birthday Gifts

28 November 2019 0 Comments

Unique 18th birthday gifts As 18th birthday is a key moment in everybody’s life and the beginning of adulthood, we all think that we should make this day unique, filled with pleasant remembrances. As for the gifts one should give to a teenager on the verge of becoming an adult, it needs a lot of […]

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BHLDN Fall 2011 Bridal Collection

24 November 2019 0 Comments

BHLDN is back with a divine collection of wedding dresses and hair accessories released for this fall. We made a fine selection of gowns to show here to those who are big fans of this couturier’s creations and to those who are interested in finding an original style for their wedding.    This bridal brand […]

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Average Cost Of Flowers For A Wedding

21 November 2019 0 Comments

Weddings due to the fact that are generally considered one in a life time events are supposed to cost a lot of money, most of the times couples choosing to run the wedding planning all by themselves in the hope to have the chance to cut as many costs as possible in the process of […]

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Modest simple and unique wedding flowers

21 November 2019 1 Comment

There is a trend at this point with simple wedding bouquets and flower arrangement in a wedding. In case you are passionate about the look of a natural touch wedding bouquet, we recommend you this article. The modern bride seems to be more and more interested in promoting a simple intimate and romantic wedding that […]

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Wedding rehearsal dinner invitations

18 November 2019 0 Comments

There are two important moments before the wedding day. The first one is the shower and the second one is the rehearsal dinner. Actually, this is when a wedding begins. Of course, not everybody likes to plan two more parties but the truth is that this method has become more and more popular among couples. […]

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Herve Mariage 2011 Bridal Collection

15 November 2019 0 Comments

Fancy, sumptuous and romantic, the beautiful gown masterpieces we’re showing here today can make fabulous attire selections for many sophisticated brides.    The lavish skirts, the bold cuts and the rich details made for these dresses are the elements that define the style of the newest 2011 bridal line signed by Herve Marriage. These sensational […]

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Suggestions for Picking Wedding Colors and Their Uses

15 November 2019 2 Comments

Wedding is always a special moment for everyone and who don’t wish to make it perfect and memorable. As several aspects are associated with marriage ceremonies, brides and grooms always make some small and silly mistakes which they are not aware about. You want to know about some of such small yet very important things […]

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7 Tips For Successful Wedding Receptions

13 November 2019 0 Comments

Your wedding day is coming soon. You probably planned each detail to be sure you’re wedding is going to rock. Here’s a list of tips to help you have a great wedding. Check it out! 1. The perfect venue  -choose a beautiful romantic place. Go see various venues before choosing the one which you prefer […]

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Wedding Bouquet Tulip

12 November 2019 1 Comment

When you are organizing you wedding there are a lot of aspects that you must take into consideration. The most important is to settle the location of the wedding. The ceremony will take place in a church or outside in a garden, the party will be indoor or outdoor? After you have chosen the location […]

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Top Wedding Reception Dance Songs

12 November 2019 0 Comments

If the first wedding part, the religious ceremony, is about solemn time and unity between the bride and groom in a sacred way then the second part is all about celebration having these reasons. The reception party brings the enthusiasm for time spend for a memorable event. What people want now is just to have […]

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2015 Mother of the Bride Dress Suggestions

11 November 2019 1 Comment

It is no secret that the mother of the bride is a very important person at any wedding. Aside from the bride/groom and the bridal party, lots of eyes will be turned to admire the mother of the bride. This is why it’s imperative to have an impeccable appearance, in both terms of behavior and […]

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5 Things You Should NEVER Tell a Bride on Her Wedding Day

08 November 2019 0 Comments

The wedding day is extremely emotional for any bride, so its best to avoid telling her a couple of things that may be on your mind. Only after she’s done organizing the wedding, you’d expect the bride to be more relaxed and start enjoying the event. Even the wedding day itself is really stressful because […]

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Yourself Wedding Invitations

05 November 2019 0 Comments

A great way to save on wedding expenses is to make your own wedding invitations. All you need is a little time, a printer, and a lot of imagination. Furthermore, the greatest advantage is that you manage to create exactly what you desire.   Things You’ll Need: -Printer -Printing paper -Scissors -Vellum paper -Handmade paper […]

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Real Touch Wedding Flowers

03 November 2019 0 Comments

Modern brides should know that natural weddings are the ones that set the trends these years. The more organic, refined, simple and casual the wedding atmosphere is the more chances of being classified as a top successful event. When it comes to planning a nature inspired wedding décor, the happy couple has a lot of […]

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