Novias Gelen 2011 Wedding Dresses

17 October 2019 0 Comments

One of the new entries on our website for this week is Novias Gelen’s wedding dresses, dresses created for one of this designer’s ultimate collections for 2011. We’ve decided to bring their dress masterpieces here on our website because they have great potential and we believe that many of those who will come across this […]

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Cristian Wedding Songs

13 October 2019 0 Comments

Christian wedding songs represent a pure and simple way for a couple to show their faith. It is pure because it has to do with the concept of Christianity and simple because it goes down deep into our being, a being released from the complexity of life itself. The religious Christian wedding has its roots […]

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Restoration Era Romance Wedding Gowns

12 October 2019 0 Comments

We may think that living in the era of modern technology, with a pragmatic way to look at things, everything that belongs to our spiritual side is somehow forsaken, or at least it isn’t granted its everyday existence, which, by the way, is present, whether we mind it or not! But as much as we […]

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Unique Cancer Gifts

11 October 2019 0 Comments

Cancer is a serious subject in the nowadays era. It can strike at any moment and damage our whole world. If having a friend or family in this situation, it is very thoughtful to prepare him, or her, a gift to celebrate the victory with cancer or to give hope to those who are still […]

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Lighted Wedding Cake Topper

10 October 2019 0 Comments

When it comes to beautiful weddings, decorating with lights can have a huge impact. From bold and dramatic to romantic and fun, creative use of lighting can help create an atmosphere exactly how you want for your reception that will add to your night the naturalness of this unique decorations . The lights can add […]

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Advice From A Wedding Planner: “Don’t lose sight of the real reason you are planning your wedding”

07 October 2019 0 Comments

Who needs some help in choosing a wedding planner? Sian Bowron, wedding consultant for Amethyst Weddings, is here to talk about the experience of being a wedding planner. At the end of the article, you have a photo gallery with some of the weddings that Sian planned, just to catch a glimpse of how awesome […]

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Mother To Son Songs For Wedding Day

05 October 2019 0 Comments

It’s common knowledge that the custom of father-daughter wedding song to be danced at the wedding ceremony is more popular than the mother-son song for wedding day. But this can not be a problem as there is a whole list of choices for this dance song, especially that moms enjoy dancing at their children weddings. […]

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Destination Wedding Invitations

02 October 2019 0 Comments

With the wedding invitations the conclusion is quite simple: you need something spectacular. There are many reasons why this should happen. First of all, this is how the adventure of your wedding day starts not for you but for those special persons invited to be there. Secondly, the first impression should impress even the most […]

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Living Green Ideas

29 September 2019 0 Comments

Nowadays, everyone should be interested in ways in which we can protect the environment because it affects all of us and in this way it becomes our duty to be concerned with living in a clean environment. We must all take in account the necessity for living green so that we might all live a […]

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Make Your Dream Wedding Cakes

24 September 2019 0 Comments

Almost every couple is looking for efficient ways, tricks and tips to save some money for their wedding budget and make their own wedding outfit, food menu and wedding cake. But it’s almost a trend to follow the inspired “do it yourself” method because this way couples can be sure that the wedding has their […]

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Evening Dresses For A Fall Wedding: Valentino 2011 Collection

23 September 2019 0 Comments

Are you looking for an elegant yet sensual dress to wear at a fall wedding? Well then, it looks like you’ve come to the right place. We are very happy to share with you one of the most seductive collections of haute couture gowns released for autumn. These charming models were created for 2011 but […]

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Wedding Flowers Arrangements Instructions

22 September 2019 0 Comments

Decorating your wedding ceremony include also the use of flowers that can turn your wedding space and outfits as well into an explosion of freshness and color throughout your whole wedding reception. Flowers arrangements can include a lot of objects to be decorated starting form your wedding attire (both man and woman) to wedding table […]

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Some Craziness, Straight From Celebrity Weddings [Part 1]

21 September 2019 0 Comments

We can’t really tell if these people have really creative wedding planners or just have a lot of money to afford having perfect weddings, but one thing is for sure: some celebrity weddings have proven to be very extravagant. With a touch of craziness and tons of creativity, we’ve gathered some of the craziest ideas […]

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Famous wedding dresses

16 September 2019 1 Comment

When thinking of the wedding day and the corresponding wedding dress most brides tend to get overwhelmed with excitement and happiness. In most cases, choosing the wedding dress turns into a very stressful and unpleasant process just because there is a myriad of new famous wedding dress styles that we’re mad about and we can’t seem […]

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Orchids Wedding Bouquet

16 September 2019 0 Comments

When it comes to a wedding, the outfit is extremely important and you should do your best to choose it with a lot of attention and according to your preferences and to your wedding theme. If you are a very elegant and distinguish woman then you definitely need a suitable outfit. Try not to neglect […]

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San Patrick Wedding Dresses III

15 September 2019 1 Comment

We are back with fresh and new designs signed by San Patrick on our website hopefully the images we’ve selected for this post will help you find the dress of your dreams, inspire you in creating your own or even choose one of these for your own wedding. We must say that we are fans […]

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Cymbidium Orchid Wedding Bouquet

13 September 2019 1 Comment

Those of you who are planning on spending a romantic, unique and exotic wedding on a sandy beach, on a tropical island, on a cruise or on a coast can always choose to complement their bridal look with a marvelous and fanciful Cymbidium orchid wedding bouquet. But not only for destination exotic weddings but also […]

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Max Chaoul 2011 Wedding Dresses

11 September 2019 0 Comments

Extravagant, intricate and highly elaborated, these stunning Max Chaoul 2011 wedding dresses that we’re presenting here are perfect for the sophisticated type of brides who want to wear something high class and innovative at their wedding. We recommend these charming designs to all brides who want to wear a modern wedding gown with a classy […]

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