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Announcing the wedding day with the help of the wedding invitations is a long lasting marital custom and we can find its roots since the beginning of human socialization. Of course, from that time until Middle Ages, the invitations must have been issued out loud.

During the Renaissance, the high class and royal society and their educated members made the wedding invitations popular among all people. In fact, because of its long history, the etiquette for the wedding is still considered highly important.

The etiquette for addressing the wedding invitations can be a bit difficult to understand, because usually, for each situation you need a different wording style and you have to choose for the proper invitation card design.

The general information you need to know about the wedding invitations can be found below and I recommend following these tips if you are planning the wedding by yourself, without any help of a wedding planner.

The information about the wedding should be pertinent and you will have to mention the name of the bride and groom, the names of the wedding hosts, but not necessarily, the location of the wedding ceremony and after-party or reception, the name of that location and some directional signs, the time and date and the RSVP if the planning depends of those attendance responses.

The RSVP is an abbreviation that comes from the French expression ““répondez s’il vous plait” and translated as “please respond”, but in some cases the couple will be expecting only the non-attendance responses so they will add only the expression “Regrets only” on the wedding card and a phone number for contact.

The wording etiquette demands the use of a formal language to address the wedding invitations to your guests, but a simple alternative would be to issue the inviting using your own words or expressing manner. An option is to add or start the wedding invitations with some favorite verses, poems or quotes, or to just express your feelings for your loved one in a few words.

For each family situation, a different style of wording is necessary; for example if a father is deceased, if the parents are remarried or divorced, if we are talking about a second marriage, and so on. The parents of the bride act as the wedding hosts because they pay for the wedding, but sometimes the groom’s parents or both families decide to make a financial contribution to this planning of the wedding so both families are to be mentioned in the invitation. The bride and groom can also choose to issue themselves the inviting if they decide to pay for their own wedding.

The popular printing method of the invitations is thermography just because it is cheap, fast and can create a beautiful effect with those raised letters; a more sophisticated method is that of the hand written text, with an intricate calligraphy style or letter fonts. The simple printing is another option but less popular nowadays.

Usually the wording is made to match with the design of the wedding invitation or with the theme of the wedding. Also, the design or patterns of the wedding invitation can give a hint about the theme of the wedding party, and if you choose not to make a direct suggestion about how should your guests dress for such a party, the hint can be enough.

The wedding invitations can be purchased and ordered directly from online manufacturers, which can offer you a large variety of unique, one of a kind invitation cards, with different color combination, sizes, shapes and designs; you can also choose some personalized invitation cards but they usually come more expensive.

I’ve mentioned something about the wording used in different situations, but there is no need to get frustrated by this thought; the only thing you need to know is that the casual wording is always the best solution.

“Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Saller, invite you to join them in a celebration of love, as their daughter, Lorelei Saller, is united in marriage to Mr. Andrew Dickens, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dickens, on Friday, the seventh of March, two thousand and ten, at five o’clock in the evening, St. John’s Church, New Orleans, Louisiana. Continue the celebration at the reception”.

”The pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage uniting Lorelei Saller and Andrew Dickens, on Friday, the seventh of March, two thousand and ten, at five o’clock in the evening, St. John’s Church, New Orleans, Louisiana. Continue the celebration at the reception”.


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