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Now that most of the modern brides are planning an informal wedding ceremony and reception we find it necessary to provide you with more information and pictures on casual flowing wedding dresses.

When it comes to casual weddings are light-weight bridal wear, a wide range of new styles are opening before our eyes. The contemporary bride will always find a wedding dress that can suit perfectly both her personal style and the formality of the wedding, without hunting down all the bridal salons and store in her down.

You can always browse on the internet for galleries or pictures with casual wedding dresses for the beach or for a nature inspired wedding and note down the styles you love.

In general, casual wedding dresses look and feel so nice and flattering because they are made from more woolly materials that can provide the bride with more comfort during the day. These materials are soft, seek, ultra-refined, light-weight and breezy, perfect for any hot summer day booked for a beach or an island exotic location. Even the garden themed wedding kind of bride can find her dream wedding dress through these destination styles.

The design is quite simple and unsophisticated, just to make the bride feel free to breathe properly, move and dance through the sand/grass during the ceremonies. Nevertheless, we must mention that the final appearance of a casual flowing wedding dress is always chic, feminine, coquette, dainty and incredibly attractive.

If simplicity is the key to perfection in this context then we must say that these types of wedding dresses are 100% simple, smooth, discreet and ethereal. Even so, there is a certain attention to the smallest details that most wedding dress designers are paying attention to when creating such a wedding dress.

If you are not quite satisfied with the simple styles that you’ve found till now, look for those textured casual wedding dresses beautified with all kinds of subtle color accents, embroideries, prints, patterns or appliqués. Look for casual flowing wedding dresses with asymmetrical necks (one shoulder Greek style wedding dress), asymmetrical hem lines (high-low wedding dresses), tea length vintage styles, short sexy cocktail styles or colored styles.

Even the romantic kind of bride can find a charming sensual casual flowing wedding dress with flowers applied on the straps, on the neck, on the skirt or on the ribbon or the sash that wraps her waist. Floral appliqué wedding dresses, big bow wedding dresses or floral print casual flowing wedding dresses are also popular among modern relaxed brides. If your wedding is going to take place somewhere on a sandy beach in Miami perhaps you might want to consider this style for the big day.

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  3. Myna

    January 22, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    I’ve already looked on the internet for casual wedding dresses and I couldn’t believe my eyes what some people call casual. Because in my opinion casual means something that you can easily wear at all times, something that can be transformed in elegant or chic or extravagant with just some simple accessories. Or in the case of wedding dresses, something that makes you feel comfortable and light, giving the fact that the wedding day is such a busy one. So, I like your article because you stated the exact thoughts I have regarding casual and because you’ve selected some nice samples. I like all these wedding dresses but my favourite remains the first one, the high-neck one, as it is less simple, tending a little bit towards extravagant.

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