Cascading Orchid Wedding Flowers

Wedding Decorations | October 03 2019 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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Both traditional and modern brides who are planning a classy, elegant and stylish wedding might find these remarkable cascading orchid wedding flower arrangement and bouquet pictures pretty impressive and suitable for their own wedding. However, we must admit that the cascading type of bouquet is nowadays regarded as an old fashion or a more conservative design that is chosen only by conventional brides.


We are here to chase away these preconceptions by showing you a few gorgeous and simply breath-taking beautiful types of cascading orchid wedding flower bouquets and arrangements that we find absolutely perfect for contemporary weddings as well. Orchids – especially the white ones are definitely among the most elegant, fashionable and romantic types of flowers that are nowadays incorporated in weddings. And that preconception with the cascading type of flower arrangements could be based on the types of flowers which are usually used for this type of arrangement.

And since roses are the most popular types of flowers which are usually chose by brides who are planning a traditional wedding decorated with cascading arrangements this beautiful type of bouquet is considered old style or dated. As we said before, orchids are versatile flowers that are able to beautify any type of arrangement and take it to a further level of fashion, elegance, uniqueness and extravagance. There are no other types of flowers besides roses that look so divine and perfect due to their sculpted-like blooms! Even before seeing a cascading orchid wedding flower bouquet we can only imagine how glamorous, romantic, feminine and stylish this arrangement can look like! We must admit though that another excuse that brides have for not choosing cascading bouquets in general is the fact that they are planning a casual simplistic wedding where this elaborated type of arrangement can’t work very well.

Compared to other types of bouquet designs and shapes such as the hand tied nosegay, the posy or the pomander styles, the cascading bouquet is much more voluminous, pompous and heavy to wear. Nowadays the majority of the brides are planning an informal wedding somewhere in a more natural location where they can feel more relaxed and free to wear any type of casual and comfy dress or bouquet they want! However, even the cascading style can fit a casual wedding if it’s designed in a more simplistic, stylish and chic way. For example, there are stunning cascading orchid wedding flower bouquets composed of only a single stem or of three stems at most!

This way the whole bouquet suddenly seems to be more appropriate for a causal wedding and easier to carry. These lovely types of flowers come in a wide variety of colors – one more attractive and sensual than the other. But each color can match a certain type of wedding formality, theme, season or venue. For elegant formal weddings the white color, followed by the cream, ivory, red or brown ones are the most adequate, while for causal vibrant and exotic ceremonies the pink and purple pallets are more inspiring.11

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