Cascading fabric wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | March 29 2020 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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In order to look stunning, appealing, spectacular and attractive or unique on the big day you have to be willing to invest more – time, energy and money in finding and purchasing a more remarkable fabulous wedding dress. Perhaps the perfect wedding gown for you has to be made by a famous designer or at least has to be customized according to the exact body type and silhouette of yours. But this quality of fitting your figure is not the most important one that the ideal wedding dress for you has to feature.

You can find form-fitted wedding dresses everywhere! The essential in a wedding dress is to be unique in design, magical in textures, eye-catchy in surprising elements, romantic through the refined cuts, lines and fabrics. In a single word, the perfect wedding dress has to be original!

We are here to show you a few examples of magical perfect wedding dresses that the contemporary bride who is planning a more nonchalant look can choose from. These cascading fabric wedding dresses shown in the photos below are simply magnetizing and spectacular. The fabrics are so airy, breezy and wooly that the bride can easily get the impression or the illusion that she’s really flying or floating on air.

More and more modern brides-to-be are turning to the casual attire, or more precisely to the informal comfy and feminine look. You might say that these dresses are more adequate or suitable for destination wedding locations. Well, true and false in the same time! It all depends on how sophisticated, ample and formal you’re planning the wedding.

The venue is not very important because these beautiful dresses can fit almost any type of location – except for fancy restaurants, cathedrals or castles. You can plan a superb wedding in the middle of the nature – such as in a botanical garden, on an open field, in a country side or in a public park and wear one of these phenomenally sweet, refined, soft and discreet types of cascading fabric wedding dresses. The ultra elegance, the soft and smooth fabrics and the asymmetrical cuts and designs make these pieces totally original, one of a kind and easy to wear. The dresses presented in these photos are made by Marchesa for the fall bridal collection of 2010.

You can look simply gorgeous and fairy-like in these dresses without trying too much, or without being too ostentatious, pompous or extravagant. There is a special simplicity that makes them so damn attractive, light, flowing, airy and princess-like! The predominant type of material used in most of these gowns is tulle and we honestly think that there is no better fabric that can create such a walking magic for a cotemporary romantic bride!11

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  1. sammie

    March 19, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    Great dresses using this cascade type. I like that there are more fabrics here that can form very nice cascades. What can I say? I love this type of dresses and I always will. Reason for which my wedding has a very nice theme: waterfalls. So I expect my guests to wear very fluid dresses, maybe in white and blue or turquoise. But I hope they will enjoy it, since it’s going to be summer and hot and a cascade dress might be quite refreshing. From all these dresses here I like the last one the most, although it’s much like a flower than a cascade. But the fabric and the bodice are superb and I hope I will find it. So, thanks for the link provided, really helpful.

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