Casablanca Wedding Dresses III

Wedding Dresses | November 17 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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We are back with new impressive and glamorous haute couture gowns designed by Casablanca for a wonderful 2011bridla collection that we recommend especially to the sophisticated brides who are planning a highly elegant wedding and a chic modern look.


All these precious models were created exclusively for the spring season, but we believe that these remarkable pieces can also make gorgeous selections or inspirational designs for any other type of seasonal wedding. We’ve made this nomination because these superb Casablanca wedding dresses look very elegant, timeless and refined in designs, so that they can fit perfectly the summer season or even the fall time wedding!

We have many other articles on our website written on Casablanca wedding gowns that we would like you to browse for in order to see more precious styles created by this couturier. We love the ample, sophisticated, extravagant and high class original style promoted by this designer and we recommend these styles to both young and mature brides who want to wear something classy, exquisitely beautiful and unique at the wedding.

This designer’s dress masterpieces are usually viewed as “perfect” bridal dresses that can make the ideal choice for any bride – regardless of her age, cultural background, wedding budget or physical condition or body shape.

We like both the classy A-lie gown styles and the sensual mermaid cut styles that can provide the bride with such a glamorous, refined, feminine and dainty silhouette. The rich details, the artistic beaded embroideries and the dazzling embellishments made for the majority of these superb Casablanca wedding dresses are the elements that can offer the bride a very glamorous, eye-catchy and remarkable look.

You can plan an ample and spectacular wedding and wear one of these sophisticated A-line Casablanca wedding dresses, or you can organize a simple and clean wedding and wear one of these delicate, fine and graceful mermaid styles.

Some of these gowns look very sleek, luscious and shiny due to the silk satin fabrics used for the silhouettes, while others look more comfortable and wearable due to the light-weight and soft fabrics imagined by this designer.

Those of you who are not into the popular strapless style or those who want to wear something less standard and predictable can choose from the high neck or strapped designs that can also fit the mature, the encore or the conservative brides who want to wear something more decent, modest and covering.11

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  1. Myrtel

    April 16, 2011 at 6:35 am

    high class dresses, very feminine and elegant. quite sophisticated as well, because of the embroideries used. i really find these dresses very attractive and fit for a romantic, modern and big wedding. or at least a medium sized wedding. i really like the train dresses from the end of the article especially i find them very refined and the train is not very long, while the lace used is simply beautiful. i like that dress shown from behind, the very last one. the back cut is very interesting and it seems that the high neck in front makes it a very decent dress. it seems to me is the most sophisticated and the most beautiful dress from here.

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